Super Mario Run Tops List of Most Downloaded Games on iOS Store.

We are seeing a real push toward making mobile gaming a legitimate option for authentic gamers. When we say authentic gamers, we explicitly mean gamers who want a high-quality experience from their mobile phones without catering to constant micro-transactions. In 2017 there were several notable titles that came out in order to fundamentally change the way that we look at mobile gaming as a platform. Among those games, these were the top sellers.

Starting off the list, Super Mario Run made Nintendo a happy mobile-gaming company. Nintendo’s first Mario mobile-app set records in terms of downloads and still holds the title as the top downloaded free game on the entire platform. Super Mario Run allows gamers the chance to traverse through several different but familiar game types as they collect coins, unlock items and decorate their own kingdom. While the game is ostensibly free, Super Mario Run hides most of its features behind a small one-time payment of $9.99. If you are a mobile gamer and want a deep and intuitive mobile Mario game, the price is well worth it

In the ‘paid games’ section, Minecraft once again ranked as one of the highest grossing titles on the application store. Minecraft is one of the biggest gaming sensations in the world and it continues to buck trends by finding more and more success. Mobile Minecraft brings everything you love about the PC version of the title and puts that power right into your pockets. Further down the list of top-grossing games, you will find titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as well as Terraria and even Assassins Creed.

Despite the initial instinct to scoff at mobile gaming as a viable platform, recent trends have shown that people are getting more and more into the platform. With the release of the iPhone X as well as Google’s own mobile phones, we are likely going to see several big mobile releases throughout 2018 to further push the hardware and market forward.

Square Enix Unloads Some BIG News!

Square Enix should be considered gaming royalty by this point, thanks in large part to their work on the historic ‘Final Fantasy’ video game series. Square Enix hasn’t been afraid to consistently evolve with the changing of time and this means that they’ve been willing to port old Final Fantasy titles onto new platforms, remake popular titles, and even stray away from their core title. In short, Square Enix is willing to do what it takes to bring FF to their biggest fans. That is why Square Enix surprised no one, but made EVERYONE happy, with the announcement of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the PS4.

Square Enix has been relatively mum about how they are going to go about remaking FF7 for the PS4 but what we do know is that it will be more than just a simple port, it will be a complete remake of the historic title. Square Enix has let loose a few hints throughout the past few weeks that have made fans start to wonder if FF7 might even be released in a cinematic, episodic format. Square Enix has always been revered for their ability to spin a story and this kind of port makes a lot of sense.

Yosuke Matsuda is the president at Square Enix and he opened up in an interview with The Telegraph about the future of some of their major properties. In that interview, Matsuda revealed that Square Enix is also focusing on bringing about big things for the Nintendo Switch, as well. Matsuda said, “The really great thing for us is to see how the Switch is selling so well, it’s doing incredibly well, which is nothing but a good thing for us.”

While fans are rightly looking forward to Final Fantasy 7’s remake, fans should also keep in mind that Square Enix is not planning on stopping the main thrust of their franchise. It looks like we have many FF titles coming in the ensuing years, and that should excite every gaming fan.

Imposter iOS Cuphead Game Runs Amok

There was a bit of a hiccup in the iOS world when a seemingly innocent version of the popular run and gun action game called Cuphead decided to show up for sale in the app store. Well, that version just so happened to be a major scam that ripped off a lot of people. The iOS version of the imposter looked totally legit, there were screenshots of the real game and they even bothered to list the real developers of Cuphead, StudioMDHR. With a very keen eye you would have noticed that the fake iOS game app links its page to “” instead of the developers main web domain, “” If you were one of the people that did purchase this game, you would see “StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.”, which is incorrect as well.

The webpage that the fake game app links to is not owned by anyone that works for the real Cuphead developers. Its registered to a person by the name of Walter Gregor that live in Washington. The real StudioMDHR site is uses privacy guard software services as it should, since it’s a legit company. StudioMDHR posted a tweet on Twitter to acknowledge that they’re indeed aware of the fake game app in the iOS store. They also told their followers that “we are working on removing the fraudulent app ASAP!” The buyers that were scammed can actually play the game on their device but it’s not quite the same as the touch controls are way off, the background graphics are low-res and the motion of the animation is wonky. People are still scratching their heads as to how Apple let this imposter slide through and into their iOS store.

OneLogin Helps Modernization and Improves Legacy Infrastructure

Hybrid solutions are some of the ways that OneLogin improves outcomes for users as well as management infrastructure. There are a lot of businesses who struggle due to changing needs for infrastructure in contemporary times. Some of the ways that technology can limit the pressures experienced throughout a business model will ultimately change the way that organizations improve and utilize technology on a large scale.

There are a lot of advantages to technology that can minimize the need for customer services. Optimized security as well can benefit organizations due to the integral and valuable nature of these designs. Some of the benefits ascertained through OneLogin include better security without having to worry about some of the mundane or technical aspects of getting a good system. There were valuable aspects of design that have contributed to the way that OneLogin takes care of core requirements in management software.

Overall, companies are constantly seeking methods that are both resourceful and provide management systems the greatest quality outcomes. There were a lot of benefits that have been ascertained by planning higher quality management infrastructure. Since there are frequently a lot of personnel who will interact through these types of software, it is important that new technologies address incumbent needs and ultimately develop into robust solutions.

OneLogin takes a lot of the guess work out of improving management security. They create steadfast results that can yield incredible opportunities for maximizing revenue and facilitating steadfast growth. OneLogin is an advantageous platform that helps get secure and streamlined results without having to initiate a full on service development project or initiatives.

OneLogin addresses core needs for security without having to focus on the organization of legacy information or infrastructure. They can capitalize on the resources that may already be present in a group or mobile space. Onelogin is a revolutionary system that offers safety while minimizing security risks at large. They help facilitate high quality solutions that are customized while maintaining effective techniques and principles.

Overall the resourceful design of OneLogin has steadfast results that are beneficial to all levels of Management software and infrastructure in the 21st century.

Experiencing Star Wars Beyond the Movies

Star Wars is now considered one of the cultural phenomenons. However, many fans experience Star Wars beyond the movies. Among the content they experience the franchise through are the stories that have gone beyond the movies. However, the official movies that come after Episode VI have been met with a mixed reception. One of the forms of mixed receptions is that the stories are a lot different from the other stories that have been written. However, novels are not the only way Star Wars is experienced other than movies, people also play video games featuring either Star Wars characters from the movie or new characters.

One of the most recent games is Battlefront II. The Battlefront Saga is one of the most popular video game franchises. The game has good visuals and a lot of good action. This game will keep the gamer interested from the beginning until the end of the game. However, one thing that the developer of Battlefront is doing is bringing forth some changes to the game economy. There are a lot of drastic changes that are coming that is going to help with the disconnect between progress and gameplay. Therefore, a lot of improvements are to be expected in the experience.

This is one of the most exciting aspects of gaming these days. People are able to get updates to the games without having to buy another CD or pay full price for another copy. Often times when a game is finished, there is a need for revisions to the engine and the game as a whole. While this is common practice with today’s gaming systems, this goes all the way back to the 90s with the Street Fighter II updates. One of the best things about these updates is that it keeps the games relevant for a little longer than it would’ve been without the updates.

Life’s Hard Knocks Made Nick Vertucci Strong

Get in! Get out! Get paid! These three simple commands compartmentalize lessons that it took Nick Vertucci almost a lifetime to learn. Vertucci, CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, is a survivor. Neither the death of his father at the tender age of ten nor being homeless living out of his van at eighteen dampened the spirit of this young entrepreneur.

Going into business for himself as a computer parts salesman, Vertucci learned the freedom and flexibility that come with being your own boss. The perks of being a business owner could not withstand, however, the dot-com crash of 2000. It caused him to lose his business, and once again Nick Vertucci found himself down and out; broke because he was not prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. Fortunately for him there was a silver lining in his dark cloud. It was an invitation to attend a three-day real estate seminar with a friend. Years later Nick Vertucci admitted that attending the seminar was the best decision he had ever made. The seminar renewed and inspired him, and after a decade of training, studying, and absorbing everything about real estate, he was able to develop a straightforward and simple system for making money in real estate.

As the business grew, Mr. Nick Vertucci made a promise to himself. The promise was that when he could legitimately call himself a millionaire he would share his system with others. His mission then and now is to help others get out of debt, to help them make lots of money, and to help them change their family’s financial legacy. He has done just that with his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

That desire to serve and teach others is what led to a training system that has become one of the nation’s most prolific real estate success stories. The NVREA with its flagship of resources has locations throughout the country and is the nation’s fastest growing training outlet for real estate education. The academy’s system of Fortunes in Flipping is a system that works. The NVREA equips its students to meet the challenges of the day. Early on they are taught how to overcome and succeed, and many of them do.

Link Gets a Motorcycle in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the most common features in video games these days is downloadable content. This is the same thing for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind. With this upgrade, Link gets a motorcycle. This is a very interesting addition to the game. The Legend of Zelda game franchise has had a lot of interesting characteristics throughout its history. After the N64DD game, there has been some experimental choices being made with the character. One of the interesting things about these choices is that with the first choice of showing a cartoon-like design for Link, many players complained stating that the game on the obsolete system looks more realistic than the game on the most advanced system.

The name of the DLC is The Champion’s Ballad. The company has released a trailer for it that tells the story of this DLC. It also shows different animations and scenes of the game. While they are working with the cartoon style of the game, there is a lot of detail in all of the images which make it very impressive. The graphics and animation are very smooth which makes for a very immersive experience for players. The motorcycle would be the best part of the game.

Videos have come a long way from completed games in carts. Back when the game was first released, the cart had the complete game on the console. If there was an advancement made on the game, the player would have to buy another cart. However, the PC has started advancing to the point where there can be patches and other DLC in order to correct any glitches or add new levels to the game. This model of game release would be adopted for consoles after the PS2 and XBox. Now, DLC is the norm when it comes to video games.

Nintendo is On a Strong Streak

Few people remember back in the mid-90s where there was a little bit of trouble with the Nintendo 64. For one thing, there have been plenty of delays. Another thing is that the company has stuck with the cart format which has been made obsolete with the advent of CD based consoles. The Nintendo 64 has ultimate lost to the Sony Playstation as the last cart based Nintendo system. The next console would be CD based like the rest of the consoles. Some of the stronger sales in Nintendo gaming systems has been the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has recently released the Nintendo Switch which has been one of the stronger selling systems. As a matter of fact, the company has recently announced that it has sold 10 Million units in just 9 months. This is a strong release. Nintendo has definitely shown an ability to adapt with the times. It has also shown that it can include people of all ages. The Nintendo Gamecube and Wii have been known to be very kiddie as consoles. When the Wii U came out, Nintendo has started including more mature gaming content remembering that it has fans of all ages.

The Switch marks the return of some fighting game franchises such as Street Fighter II. Among the games that have been released to the Switch exclusively is Ultra Street Fighter II, which is likely going to be the last version of Street Fighter II released. Fans still have the other games like Street Fighter III IV and V available on different consoles. Even if The Switch does not beat out the Wii, it is very likely that it is going to have a strong sell for the holiday season. The only thing that remains to be seen is if it is going to keep up the selling strength for the year of 2018.

Troy McQuagge Becomes Successful in His HOPE Program

When it comes to insurance, US Health Group is popular in the country. This group consists of USHealth Advisors and USHealth Inc. This group is led by Troy McQuagge Son who is the CEO. Since 2010, Troy has been the CEO, and he has worked to achieve the success of the group. The insurance company is the largest provider in the nation.

Troy McQuagge Son introduced an establishment of Helping Other People Every day (HOPE). This is an initiative to help people in destitution. This program is not just meant to help people on a one-time basis only. It is intended to be there for the people always. The first time this program became active was during Hurricane Katrina. They helped people rebuild their homes and move on with their normal lives. Employees played a big role in helping those living in New Orleans city.

HOPE has grown, and it now has a section that specifies with children. This subset seeks to help children with life-threatening diseases. Most of these children are in Arizona, but now there is another home in Texas. For Troy, life is not just about business and making big profits. It is changing people’s lives positively. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

Troy also wants his employees to have a philosophy of compassion and giving back to the community. HOPE has turned out to be a suitable way to teach this culture to the employees. As the name suggests, many people have regained hope life after receiving assistance from this program. Due to the excellent work HOPE program has done, it has inspired other organization. Several other companies have joined in this good cause of helping the society. Companies are happy to be a part of changing the lives of community members who need assistance.

USHealth Group is popular because it has a wide range of plans for the people. Millions of people are enjoying services from this company, and they depend on them even in medical emergencies. The team understands that people have different needs. Therefore, they are ready to offer tailor-made plans to fit the client’s expectations. USHealth Group is always there for the people all the time. Learn more:


End Citizens United Backing the Democrat Conor Lamb in the Special Elections

The campaign finance rule in the United States is somewhat controversial as the verdict by the Supreme Court of the country in the case between F.E.C and End Citizens United permitted corporations and individuals to spend as much money as they want in the election campaigns. The election campaign of the country needs to be unbiased to ensure that the rights of the citizens are not tampered with, and the country is run in a constitutional manner without any influence from outside organization. However, the current campaign finance rule in the United States makes it easier for the corporations and wealthy individuals to influence the elections.

One of the organizations that are making massive influence among the people and trying to overturn the Supreme Court judgment of 2010 is End Citizens United. The End Citizens United is an organization that aims to help create awareness among the people about how the country’s elections are being controlled by the corporations and the wealthy people, and why it is necessary to take the control back. The ECU aims to back the political candidates that are pro-reform and pro-democracy, and against the political candidates who have the agenda that is against the interest of the everyday people. The End Citizens United is a political action committee that takes the money from the ordinary people, and since the time it was launched, the PAC has been able to make a name for itself among the people.

In the particular elections that are upcoming in the United States, End Citizens United has already announced that it would be backing Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old democrat who is standing in the election for the first time. He is representing Democrats from an otherwise conservative Republican region for many years. The opponent Republican Rick Saccone has been in the news for many wrong reasons, including allegedly having a girlfriend outside of marriage whom he asked to abort his child, even though he has been anti-abortion politically for years. End Citizens United believes that Conor Lamb would be able to shake the confidence of the Republican in the region, which would trickle down to another dominant Republican area as well. Overturning the campaign finance rule is necessary if the voice of the everyday people is to be heard. The reputation of the country is at stake as well because of the vulnerability of the election finance rules; many other nations have access to influence the outcome of the election in the United States. In the last presidential election, it was found that a Russian company spent a considerable amount on Facebook Ads to change the mindset of the voters. End Citizens United as a PAC wants to make sure that the country’s elections are neutral and non-discriminatory and the campaign finance rules are transparent and more