The New and Improved the United States Money Reserve

As one of the largest money reserves in the world, the U.S. Money Reserve is famous worldwide for the significant quantities of hard currency (precious metals) under its management.

Examples of such precious metals include gold, platinum, and silver used to back the currencies offered by the United States for circulation as legal tenders to be used by people. The company is filed as a Foreign For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas in 2001 and is the biggest single distributor of government issued precious metals legally.

After its founding, the company has brought transformative change especially in enabling its customers to expand their resources through the use of the precious metals. Recently the company underwent a significant improvement change geared at improving its service provision to its clients. The company uplifted its online service interface so as to improve its customer experience through the delivery of quality service. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The new and improved site also educates the consumers on the importance of being able to own government issues precious metals. The site also facilitates the ease of being able to buy these valuable metals.

The firms encompass of a team that conducts coin research and numismatic market researchers that evaluate the market trends. These market researchers aim at understanding and coming up with products which would enable the firm to come up with profit margins for its customers and potential buyers.

This goes a long way in fostering a good relationship between the company and its clients while also attracting new customers. In addition to this, U.S. Money Reserve also operates above average, and due to this, it can offer improved services to its loyal customers.

Apart from re-launching its improved online shop the company also deals in the provision of PCGS certified coins and other products regarding the buyer’s needs. When selling these coins to its clients, the U.S. Money Reserve assist the customer in choosing coins that attract highest value affordable to them enabling the client to make good decisions.

In addition to this, the U.S. Money Reserve through Client-Connect-Advantage platform which they use to offer a one-on-one customer consultation, assisting customers with their purchases, and securing individual offline purchases.

The U.S. Money also offers one of the best return policies to its customers. The BuyBack Guarantee is considered the best returns policies in the United States of America which provide full refunds to its clients.

Cloud Technology by NuoDB That Can Predictably Scale Huge Databases in the Cloud

To accommodate the increasing demand for the management of databases and other technological innovations that rely on the internet, there has been an exponential increase if cloud computing to address the emerging challenges facing data integrity. The latest and fast developing technologies in the cyberspace industry is known as NuoDB Cloud technology. The innovation provides several selections and choices of adaptable database techniques that are elastically scalable to accommodate new opportunities in the competitive market. The technology by NuoDB Cloud application embraces architectures that are based on SQL elasticity for processing of mega data in seconds. Due to the compliance of the technology to SQL, it is sometimes called New SQL.

When a new server for scaling-out is added to the system, the speed of the database increases a hundred fold, and that implies that the NuoDB Cloud system has an architecture for distribution of objects the operates optimally in the cloud. The NuoDB Cloud technology can distribute tasks and scale out different tasks to several processors without meeting data bottlenecks associated with other types of servers. Using the peer-to-peer system of messaging, tasks are routed via many nodes, and the technology employs a tiered approach comprising of multiple or redundant managers of storage or SM and TEs or transaction engine configurations. The technique helps to predictably scale data in the clouds. The SMs and TEs can function on similar platforms.

Bruce Bent II’s Unrelenting Entrepreneurial Drive

Flexibility, innovation, and strong faith in your goals are some of the vital traits that you should have as an entrepreneur for you to overcome the common obstacles that you will find on your path to success. If things don’t work as planned, you have to be resilient enough and be willing to try again.

Bruce Bent II is one entrepreneur who has literally changed the definition of entrepreneurial resiliency. He is credited for having created some of the most innovative cash-related solutions, short term asset management, retail markets, and qualified plan systems globally. He has also been involved in unprecedented number of entrepreneurial ventures, including financial technologies, intellectual property, business consulting, pharmaceuticals, financing, and healthcare among others.

He is also astute manager and CEO who is reputed for amplifying the growth of some of the biggest corporations globally, including FDIC Cash Management and The Reserve, a top ranking money market mutual fund business. One of the achievements that he’s remembered for during his tenure at FDIC Cash Management is the systematic liquidation of some of the company’s affiliates and subsidiaries following the 2008 financial crisis.

His unrelenting entrepreneurial drive is considered to be the primary catalyst of the most critical products in the expansion of FDIC-insured programs. With over 60 privately held patents under his name, Bent’s innovation prowess catapulted FDIC-Insured cash management portfolio to the revered $1 million industry it is today.

Bruce Bent II has also been quoted vastly in major publications, including New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times among others. An investment column he penned was also featured in China Press and World Journal. What’s more, Bruce has also been featured in various financial books, including the World’s Most Successful CEOs and the Corporate’s Guide to Patent Practice.

Bent is also associated with a number of successful organizations, including Young Presidents’ Organization (where he is a member), 99 Jane Street Condominium Association (where is a board member), Manhattan’s Entrepreneurs’ Organization (where he’s also a member), and Scenic Hudson (where he served as a member of the President’s Advisory Council).

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Integrated Education with ClassDojo

Parent-teacher communication has always been a challenge: both parents and teachers are, by nature, busy people, and a combination of conflicting schedules and heavy workloads often leads to long periods without any real interaction. The makers of ClassDojo intend to change this.

ClassDojo is a communication platform which encourages connections between teachers, parents and students. Parents and teachers can exchange messages using a built-in messenger feature, allowing parents to have a more in-depth understanding of their child’s education. Students can post photos and videos of their school day to their school’s Story, which both allows them an outlet for otherwise distracting social media impulses and shows parents and teachers what the students find most engaging and interesting about their experience. The app intends to foster a sense of community and positive culture through ground-up change, and it appears to be working: two out of three schools in America have at least one teacher who is active on the service, and with full support for over 30 languages, international growth is sure to be rapid.

Launched in August of 2011, ClassDojo began as a simple point tracker to allow teachers to reward students for good behavior; it has since evolved to become a powerful communications tool, and is rapidly developing into an all-in-one education suite. In January 2016, a collaboration with Stanford University produced a five-part video series on the growth mindset, the idea that a child’s potential is not based on how innately “smart” they are, but rather on how hard they are willing to work. A second collaboration with Stanford produced a further video series, entitled “Perseverance”, while the most recent series, this time produced in conjunction with Harvard, focuses on empathy–all vital topics of conversation in an era of rampant negativity and cyber-bullying. With these videos, ClassDojo hopes to begin transitioning from simple communications app to full-scale distribution platform, using a freemium model similar to that of Slack or other enterprise-focused software. By packaging a variety of educational services into a single software bundle, developers believe they can reduce the cost of traditional educational services, as well as providing a vital new-media approach that will keep students, parents and teachers more closely connected. ClassDojo brings community, communication and a positive culture, all in one free download.

Brazil’s Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates Again

Brazil’s economy is heading in the right direction. First quarter GDP growth is on the plus side, and the central bank is cutting interest rates again. The central bank cut its benchmark rate to 10.25 percent. The Selic rate was 11.25%. The bank wants to continue to reduce the escalation in borrowing costs which started in October 2016. And the bank wants to help reduce inflation and get Brazil’s struggling economy back in the black again.



There are economic bright spots in the country. President Temer is pushing for new trade agreements with China, and the United States as well as with Britain. Exporting is one of the economic sectors hit hardest by the devastating recession that cost seven million Brazilian their jobs over the last four years. Most Brazilians are optimistic about what the government is trying to do, but there is still some serious mud in the political system.



Nonetheless, business leaders in cities around the country are finding ways to contribute to GDP growth. One of those business leaders, Flavio Maluf, the environmentalist and philanthropist from the state of Sao Paulo, is showing the country what it takes to beat the recession. Maluf’s company, Eucatex, is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of building materials. Eucatex has four domestic factories, three domestic offices and offices in other countries like the United States and Germany. All Eucatex facilities follow recycle, reuse, and reduce protocol, and the factories use renewable energy sources. Maluf is responsible for making his family-owned business one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the country.



The Flavio Maluf story is not one of those rich boys gets richer stories. Flavio has a working man’s mentality. He is an expert in marketing, and he has an engineering degree from New York University. Before Flavio became president of the company, he developed a successful marketing program for Eucatex. He is responsible for developing the Eucatex brands sold in home improvement stores like Home Depot. Today, thanks to Flavio, Eucatex ships floorboards, paint, varnishes, ceiling tiles, and other building materials to more than 30 countries. He is also responsible for starting eucalyptus tree farms so the company can replace the trees they use to make branded products.



Talk Fusion: Make The World Your Own

It takes a truly great person leading a truly great company in order for real change to occur in this world today. That person is Bob Reina, the founder and creator of Talk Fusion since 2007. He has seen a lot happen in the tech world since then, and he has stayed up to date with it. Because he has stayed up to date with it, he has never fallen behind and he has never allowed the company to move in a backwards direction. It is just the opposite in fact. The company is moving in a positive direction all of the time.


This was proven in 2016 when they won two big awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation As described in this article, they are seen as a media giant. This means that when they give out awards to a company, it really carries a lot of attention with it. It raises a lot of eyebrows in a positive way. It forces people to stand up and pay attention and say to themselves, “Hmm, this company is really onto something.” The truth of the matter is Bob Reina has been onto something since he started the company. He knows the true American dream is for people to own and run their own company.


People, for the most part, are inherently good people, and they want to be with their families and live a life that is true to them. As is often said, this is a life that shows off their true colors and their true side. There is nothing about it that is for show. It can be very difficult having to show up to a job every day that someone hates and have to put on a mask as if they enjoy it. They don’t enjoy it and it is getting harder and harder to hide it. It also carries with it health risks.


With Talk Fusion, those days are a thing of the past. Thanks to Talk Fusion’s video newsletters, video conferences, and video chats, the world is there for them to make it their own.



A Look At Some News And Contributions To The Community

Nexbank is a Dallas, Texas based financial institution that mostly serves the residents of the North Texas region. It provides mortgage banking services to many Texan families looking to purchase their first home. Additionally, Nexbank is a major commercial banking lender. This means that Nexbank provides a lot of businesses with crucial loans that they need in order to expand or continue business operations.


Nexbank also provides more traditional investment banking services such as company restructuring and mediation. Local residents in the Dallas area can also use Nexbank for their basic checking and savings account needs. The bank has branches only in the city of Dallas so far but can provide business loans or mortgages to parties outside of the Dallas Fort Worth area.


As a major local and regional bank, Nexbank is well ingrained in the community of Dallas and North Texas. Nexbank, along with other member banks of the Texas Bankers Association donated significant sums of money to the families of the slain police officers who were killed during the July 7th, 2016 sniper attack assault on police officers who were escorting a peaceful protest through downtown Dallas. CEO of Nexbank, John Holt said that the support provided by Nexbank, other banks and the entire Dallas community, showed that the entire city has the back of its police officers and their families.


Nexbank has also recently unveiled a partnership with two non-profit groups based in Dallas, Texas. It is now working with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Dallas chapter of Habitat For Humanity. Under their partnership, Nexbank will provide up to $50 million dollars in funding for Dallas Neighborhood Homes. This organization helps provide loans to low income and needy families so that they can have the opportunity to purchase their own home. Habitat For Humanity meanwhile will work with Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes to educate new homeowners and interested home buyers in the program about what it takes to own a home and how to pay a mortgage.


Keep Cooling Costs Down, Advice from Goettl

(Goettl Tells All: Even Though you live in NorCal, I bet you didn’t know this trick about your HVAC system)



Goettl is a long-time HVAC company founded all the way back in 1929 in Phoenix Arizona. They recently gave Norcal News tips on how homeowners can stay cool while keeping their electric costs low.


Keep your system tuned up so it’s efficient. At least once a year, and twice is even better, have an HVAC specialist look it over to make sure you have the most up-to-date equipment and options. This way you can catch problems before your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heat wave. And it keeps your cooling system as efficient as possible. And efficiency is what saves you money on your electric bills.


If you implement all the tips and advice in the Norcal New article from Goettl and your bills are still high, consider replacing your air conditioner. In the past fifteen years they have become increasingly energy-efficient and sophisticated thanks to the latest technologies. If your model is older than that, it’s out of date even if it’s still running well. It will still cost you extra money in electric bills.


In 2008 ARS/Rescue Rooter bought Goettl as part of its drive to expand that company. However, they did not focus on customer service. Therefore, in 2013, Ken Goodrich bought the company. He immediately changed the company’s culture. Under the out-of-state giant, the policy was to extract all possible profit out of every transaction. Goodrich ordered all employees to focus on customer satisfaction because HVAC companies are local. They thrive on having a good word-of-mouth reputation and on repeat business.


Since Goodrich bought Goettl, it’s grown by five times and makes over $50 million per year. Plus, Goodrich has given Goettl a reputation for volunteerism and charity. He donated over $1,000 worth of tools to the College of Southern Nevada. In one case, they installed a new air conditioner for an elderly woman free of charge, replacing her old and highly inefficient system. They provide same-day service because if your air conditioner breaks down you can’t wait long to get it fixed. And for the same reason they work extended hours, including evenings and weekends.


Learn What is the Internet of Things with Expert Jason Hope

You probably already heard of the technological phenomenon called Internet of Things, and it is taking a huge part of the most recent technical spotlights every week as new gadgets are being introduced to the market with the IoT attached to them.

Internet of Things is the name that describes a new technology that connects a system to apparel or furniture, is it a watch or a refrigerator. That innovative technology allows it to communicate with other apparels through a server that allows new commands to be introduced to those apparels that weren’t possible before, through the implementation of sensors. For example, a watch with this technology can detect your heart beat, how much physical activity was done that day and how many calories were burned, and it can use the server to send this information to your smartphone.

The futurist Jason Hope, who is also a philanthropist and investor, explained how the Internet of Things technology is being implemented in the equipment and computers of many airlines, allowing them to have even higher security and safety while managing flights.

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These airlines use the Internet of Things to connect every part of a given plane with a sensor that will tell the control panel if it detects some irregularity. This system allows the network to warn the employees of a possible malfunctioning engine, which, if left unnoticed, could have had a disastrous effect. Although all the engines are double-checked, the utilization of a system is always faster and more practical.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona, and he has created startups and involved himself in politics many times over the last couple of years.

He got his degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Since them, he has a particular interest in technology and new inventions.

The Rise of Securus CEO Rick Smith

Richard “Rick” A. Smith is a prolific figure in corporate management and leadership. He has a decorated history that reveals his competence and extraordinary track record. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. He then attended Rochester Institute of Technology; where he received an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Rick then went on to receive an MBA from the University of Rochester, as well as a Masters degree in Engineering from the State University of New York.

Rick then went on to hold a variety of positions in different disciplines, giving him a solid skill set, background, and depth of experience. At Frontier Corporation, Rick worked in a number of departments, including IT, finance, business development, and operations. He worked his way up the ladder to hold the position of Vice President of Financial Management and finally Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. Follow Rick at

His excellent work and extensive experience led him on to secure the post of Chief Operating Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1999. From then until the summer of 2003, Rick managed to work his way up the ranks again, progressively moving on to become the firm’s President. He was then appointed as Eschelon’s Chief Executive Officer, a position he held until August 2007.

Rick also served as one of the company’s Directors from July 2000. During his time as CEO, he managed to lead Eschelon through its 2005 IPO successfully. His innovative idea also resulted in an increase of the firm’s revenue from about 30 million dollars per annum to an estimated 350 million dollars every year.

Rick Smith’s impressive credentials led him to secure a prominent leadership position at the national prisons communication technology giant, Securus Technologies Inc. In 2008, Rick was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus. Since 2008, he has also served as the firm’s Director and Chairman of the Board.

Rick’s time at Securus has been characterized by exponential growth, both in terms of the number of prisons and law enforcement agencies they serve, as well as their annual revenue growth. He had also successfully steered the firm to enact programs that will effectively reduce the rate of recidivism.

The first step towards accomplishing this was to appoint a Director of Recidivism and Reentry for Securus earlier this year. The firm also committed to funding a Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) to various prison facilities throughout the country over the next five years. All these efforts are geared towards effectively rehabilitating prisoners in order to reduce the rate of reoffence, as well as prepare inmates for life back in society. Read more on

Rick Smith has used his impressive skills to establish Securus Technologies as a leader in its industry. As he leads the firm in this push to truly rehabilitate prison inmates, experts believe that crime and recidivism rates will continue to go down progressively.