Boraie Bringing New Live to New Brunswick

For years, New Brunswick had struggled behind the rest of major college towns, despite being home to Rutgers University, the birthplace of American Football and serving as one of the top college institutions in all of the state. The skyline remained small and simply unimpressive. However, with the recent development investments made by Boraie Development, the skyline has started to considerably revamp itself and now it is being compared to Cambridge and Ann Arbor.

New Brunswick faced many of the same problems as other cities. It saw a major influx of immigrants on into the population over the last several decades. This influx of immigrants, many of whom did not possess a higher level education or excellent language skills, required less expensive rent in order to live. This ultimately reduced the quality of living conditions as landlords could not put the necessary time and money into the properties. This caused a drop in property value and other problems.

Now, different investments where made into the city dating back to the mid 1970s. Johnson & Johnson made several large investments into the city, which helped many investors decide to bring new housing and business options to the city. Due to this, while other cities struggled with the immigration influx, New Brunswick started to see an improvement with the situation on starting in the middle of the 80s. This did not drastically change the outlook of the city though. It more or less stopped the bleeding and progress trickled forward, if at all.

This is where the Boraie Development investments started to come in. The private development company constructed a 17 story residential building which provided luxury housing. The luxury housing charged a hefty price, but it attracted wealthy business heads to the area and also up and coming professionals who wanted to be party of the trendy atmosphere. Eventually, Boraie Development started to invest more into the city, pumping in around $77 million into different projects around the city. This has drastically changed the way the city looks and functions in the last two decades or so. Now, while the city on does have a ways to go in improving its overall image, it is starting to look more the part of a major college town that attracts more than just college students. By standing up with the likes of Ann Arbor and Cambridge, outside professionals are finally starting to look towards the city, mostly in part due to Boraie.

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