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David Giertz, Finicail Expert

David Giertz is a finical expert. David has over 30 years in the finical industry with providing strategies and other finical advice in order to obtain wealth. David is also a Certified Business Coach with WABC. He has several accomplishments under his belt. Under his leadership, he has certified more than 100 people as business coaches. David has recently retired from being the President at Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. Since retiring, David has volunteered finical advice for the younger adults.

The first step to stay on track for retirement is to plan early. David recommends everyone to be aware of all bills that they may have. He always recommends that all debts like car note, credit cards, student loans, and all other bills are paid off as soon as possible. As soon as your debts are paid off, more saved money will be able to go toward retirement savings.

Another tip that David Giertz gave is to have multiple sources of income. If you already have a job David recommends that you also pick up another hobby or something that you enjoy doing to generate extra income. All of the money earned from your side gig can be money that is saved for retirement.

The last tip that David Giertz offered to Millennials is to take advantage of compound interest. With compound interest, you will be able to save more money than you would be able to do with a 401k. The key is starting early. The earlier you start, the more money you will be able to earn from the money that is invested. Also with compound interest, money is already taxed before deposits are even made. Once you actually retire, you will have access to your money taxed free. Following these tips will defiantly put you on the right track for retirement.