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Michel Terpin: The Great Rally Champion

Michel Terpin hails from a sporting family. Michel’s father Jack Terpins enjoys basketball, having played it in the 60s and 70s.

Terpins participates in the T-REX T1 Prototype category. For the second consecutive year, the MEM team developed the car he drives. This car requires extensive modification because of its competitive and muscular nature.

Michel’s car uses a powerful v8 ethanol engine, installed by the MEM team. The engine makes the car powerful and effective for the terrain. Michel finds every competition that he participates in enjoyable. He prepares himself for the unknown because every stage comes with its challenges.

Maykel Justo is Michel’s navigator. He has won four major titles. He has participated in 10 competitions, 3 in cars and 7 in trucks.

He takes pride in Michel’s success. In the previous T1 prototype, the two emerged champions with 61 points. Closely following them was Facco Luiz who attained 43 points. This was a landslide margin.

Michel Terpins Expectations for the Sertões 2016 Rally

The Sertões Rally started on September 3, 2016, and ended on 10th. Michel Terpins participated, and he counted on the help of his all-time navigator. Michel knew that Justo was an amazing navigator, and he was certain that all would go on well. It was a competitive category, and he hoped to accelerate. He understands the value of commitment and dedication to every outlined goal.

His rally team

Michel and his brother formed a rally team to quench their thirst for speed. It has Bull Sertoes, Xarla and other sponsors. The two brothers represent the team in famous rallies such as the Mitsubishi Cup.

Bull Sertoes Rally Team received the Carbon Free Seal courtesy of the Green environmental initiative. The initiative seeks to reduce and neutralize carbon dioxide emitted by cars. It also seeks to encourage the planting of trees in the Atlantic Forest to compensate for the air pollution during the seven-stage competition.

Rallying is one famous sport in Brazil. It still attracts many competitors in Brazil and beyond.

What makes Michel Terpins such a good driver?

The Terpins brothers founded the Bull Sertões Rally Team one of the most elite teams in the Brazilian rallying circuit. These are Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins, having been raised in a family that grew up on sports ensured that there love for sports was nurtured and it would turn lead them to rally. Their father Jack Terpins was very influential in there lives and him being a legendary basketball player who played for the national team as well at club level had already had a taste of how far sports would push one too. Their father now a businessman and a real estate developer was keen to nurture his son’s sports interest, and it thus came as no surprise when Michel Terpins joined the cross country championship where his father was very supportive.

Michel Terpins would grow from a junior competitor to one of the most compelling champions in the competitions. His rise was steady, but his style of riding has already long been seen as capable of producing a champion. When the elite level of the championship came calling he did not shy away but was able to rise to the challenge. He would later be elected chairman of the sport by his peers to lead the championship to greater heights. His contribution to the cross country championship has always been a key talking point as he was able to streamline the sport and in the process attracting new sponsors and draw more interest to it from the public.

Michel Terpins would then move into Rallying where he was welcomed warmly by his brother Rodrigo. There bond growing up would help them form a formidable team that would challenge the established competitors in the T1 prototype category. The brothers would compete together in the initial editions of the Sertões Rally and produce spectacular results in the process. Their breakthrough would, however, come when MEM came onboard bringing with them the T-Rex. The car would prove to have been the missing link in their earlier years as they were now winning championships. For Michel Terpins he is looking forward to the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally.

Michel Terpins, the Famous Brazilian Rally Driver

The name Michel Terpins is a household name in Brazil in terms of car racing. At 40 years, Michel Terpins boast of many race titles that he won from the past rally competitions. Michel Terpins hails from Sao Paulo and continues to impact on the people’s life especially the lovers of car races. Car racing seems to run in the family of the Terpins because his collaboration with his brother has led into one of the most successful duos in the world of motorsports, especially in Brazil. Michel Terpins’ journey to success did not start with the cars at the initial stages. Terpins’ initial passion was in the motorcycle races, which began in 2002. Since his shifting to car racing, Terpins has landed important racing categories as well as various other podiums within Brazil.

Together with his brother, Terpins formed part of the 22nd Sertoes Rally participants where they managed the seventh position in the extremely rough terrains. The duo was back again to compete in the 24th Sertoes Rally where they managed position five after learning from their experience. They approached the Rally more cautiously and took advantage of their experience to improve their position in the prototypes IT category. From that point, the duo has continued to earn the top position in numerous races.

The duo is expected to display a high level of expertise in the coming 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. The upcoming edition would be Brazil’s longest race off the road and would definitely be a challenging experience for many racers. The over 300km rough road race would also be an exciting experience for the participants. Michel continues to furnish his skills through hard work, determination, and practice. Michel Terpins’ current car is the T-Rex is one of the most hi-tech modern machines.

The car model has a V8 engine with the most appropriate and favorable for the explorations in the rough terrains. The rough terrains cannot compromise the components of the T-Rex. The manufacturers of the T-Rex engage in various green initiatives to reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide emitted by vehicles and other machines. Michel and Justo continue to work towards their common goal of winning more rally championships including the Sertoes rallies.

Michael Tarpins’ Participation In The Sertoes Rally

The 25th edition of the competitive Bull Sertoes rally that features the T1 prototype in the team’s double trophy contest is set to begin on 19th August. The rally will take place on the 26th of August. The Bull Sertoes rally is the Brazilian largest rally event. The course of the rally will span 3,300 km. Judging from the participants, the rally is set to be one of the most challenging and competitive since the rally’s inception. As from Sunday, the 20th, both Michael Terpins (race pilot) and Maykel Justo (course navigator) will feature in this race as a team. The support park for this rally edition will be set up the international Autodrome of Goiania.

The Bull Sertoes rally will feature multiple off-road trajectories along the race’s course. Justo and Terpins will form the second prototype team in the T1 category that is on board the T-Rex. The Prototype used by Terpins and Justo has been designed and developed by MEM motorsport. This is the second consecutive year MEM has developed the T-Rex for the Bull Sertoes rally.

The prototype used by the pair has been redesigned to make it more competitive for the 25th edition of the Bull Sertoes rally. Some of the modifications made to the T-Rex is to provide it more power is the addition of a V8 engine.

The rally has been the most awaited event in the rally industry this year meaning that aside from being challenging it is expected to have a great entertaining showdown for its audience.

Michael was able to complete 10th in his earlier participation in the race. Terpins made his debut in rally competition back in 2002. During his debut, Terpins featured in the rally in the motorcycle category. Over the years, Michael raced alongside his brother on multiple rallies. Four years ago, he made a transition to the T-Rex which he has been piloting to date. Terpins is passionate about off-road racing, the thrill of peaking top speeds has made him travel across the world and take part in some of the most significant rallies in the world.