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Richard Smith Propels Securus Technologies to Higher Fortunes

Richard Smith was appointed the chief executive of Securus Technologies in 2008. This was after the company had merged with other firms in the industry making it emerge as one of the strongest provider of security and telephone services to Prisons and Homes in the USA. The immediate task at hand was to reform the company customer service coming at a time when rivals were being affected by multifaceted customer issues ranging from fraud to very high charges. The Executive career hand on experience has seen him manage the company to become the largest in the sector and have raised the company’s fortunes in millions of dollars.

His career background is fascinating with a wealthy contribution in executive positions. Before joining Securus Technologies, he served as president and chief operation officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc. The appointment was not in vain considering he had been in the company for years in the capacity of the chief financial officer. Richard Smith started his career at Global Crossing North America Inc. as far as 1972 serving in different capacities. His contribution in Securus technologies is remarkable and can be inferred from his past performance. At Securus, he has raised the company portfolio to a whopping $350 million.

The chief executive officer is alma mater of University state of New York which is located at Buffalo where he graduated with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He earned his bachelor’s degree in the same field from the same institution. He later advanced his education at Rochester Institute where he earned a Technology associate degree and then completed a master’s degree from the same university in Business administration.

Richard Smith has a great interest in bettering the lives of inmates. He believes the best way to do this is to endeavor to get the most responsibilities as possible from the prison administration. On the side of the company, he has laid down a solid customer service to answer to customer queries with the urgency they require. Since his inception, the company customer complaints have reduced drastically and therefore customer satisfaction, and loyalty has been enhanced. Due to this strong leadership, the company lately acquired Jpay Inc.

About Securus Technologies

The Dallas headquartered firm is the leading provider of technology solutions to prisons in the USA. The firm was established in 1986 and currently serves approximately 3,400 prisons. The company has a robust customer service and support that is unsourced making it the leading telephone provider in customer relations. It boasts of a large team of field officers, usually thirty and above around facilities they secure, which have enabled the company to have the best output in preventing crimes. The company technological patents are outstanding at 140 plus many other on the way pending approval.

About the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead

If you are interested in working in the financial services industry, you may want to try your luck by contacting a recruitment lead to land the job. One of the executive recruitment leads at Deutsche Bank is Julie Zuckerberg. The executive recruitment lead and Vice President Julie Zuckerberg has worked for a few different businesses as an executive recruitment lead. She currently is both a vice president and executive talent recruitment lead for Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is an investment banking business that originated in 1870 Germany. Julie Zuckerberg is currently located in Manhattan, New York City.


Her past work experience started at Hudson staffing and recruiting. She started her position there in 2002 and stayed there for another five years. Her job there was as a candidate placement for attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and support staffing for law firms. In October 2007, she moved onto to the financial services business Citi.

At Citi she worked as a vice president and recruiter. She worked with hiring more employees for Citi. She did some employee education on the services that Citi offers, such as the Citi Cards. In 2013, Julie moved onto New York Life Insurance Company. She became a senior recruiter and Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company.


Julie’s work skills include various talent acquisition abilities. She is additionally talented with leadership, interviewing skills, strategy, conflict resolution, human resources, employee training, succession planning, coaching, and applicant tracking systems.


Julie Zuckerberg attended the City University of New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School. She studied philosophy at the City University of New York Brooklyn College. Julie Zuckerberg went on to study law at the New York Law School after her time studying philosophy.


Julie Zuckerberg’s hobbies in her spare time include running, arts, technology knowledge, and photography. Issues she cares about personally include the likes of: animal welfare, human rights, civil rights, economic issues, technology, and science. According to her About Me webpage, she maintains a few social media pages. She is on Twitter as @juliezuckerberg. She additionally has a Pinterest profile that is listed under her name.


Goullet and Diversant are Doing Great Things

John Goullet is the current Principal of DIVERSANT LLC. He worked as a computer consultant before switching to an IT staffing account executive. In 1994, Goullet founded his IT staffing company, Info Technologies. During his regime as the CEO of Info Technologies, John Goullet emphasized on understanding corporate IT issues as well as specific IT challenges experienced by clients. He could match his experience, personality, and work style in consultancy to deliver custom-tailored services that meet customer expectations.

Goullet’s contribution towards the growth of Info Technologies was significant. The company grew to a highly-cherished organization and was ranked among the most influential firms owned by individuals. At one point Info Technologies amassed over $30 million in revenue, earning it a top ten position among the most profitable enterprises in the USA. DIVERSANT LLC was formed in 2010 after the amalgamation of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. in his current position at DIVERSANT LLC, Goullet endeavors to introduce new, edge-cutting solutions for challenges facing the ever-evolving IT industry.

Owned and operated by African-American, DIVERSANT LLC is the leading IT staffing and solutions firm in the US. In many ways, it reflects Goullet’s personal drive, professional expertise, and his commitment to avert challenges facing the IT industry. DIVERANT LLC has built an excellent reputation among competing firms in the information technology sector. Interestingly, DIVERSANT LLC could experience drastic growth even during the economic depression.

The company is all about growth. It focuses on boosting career and business growth. DIVERSANT mentors and trains its clients to ensure they excel in their chosen career paths. Additionally, DIVERANT allows one to work in a diverse environment that promotes collaboration and innovation. DIVERSANT’S culture is based on healthy competition, making it an ideal place to build a rewarding career and professional network.

Apparently, DIVERSANT LLC has constituted its Advisory Board to benefit from the guidance of senior executives not involved in routine operations of the company. The board comprises of business experts and industrial leaders who advise the management on matters regarding commercial development and strategic planning. Board members meet DIVERSANT’s management regularly to review the company’s performance and market trend.

The End of Olympic Valley Incorporation

After a long, uphill battle, there is finally some good news for Andy Wirth. Wirth, the founder and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., has been struggling against an effort to incorporate Olympic Valley, where Squaw Vallley Ski Resort is located. Now that California’s Local Agency Formations Commission officially put a stop to the incorporation effort, Wirth can begin to relax.

Sierra Sun reports that Andy Worth was appointed as the chairman of Squaw Valley in 2013 by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Given his background in resort management, Wirth was the clear choice to add innovation and experience to the resort. Wirth also brings his expertise in adding flights and transportation between other resorts, and hope to do the same in Squaw Valley. Wirth’s About Me page details his determination to revamp Squaw Valley, as well as his dedication to charitable and philanthropic causes.

Andy Wirth had reason to fear incorporation of Olympic Valley. The effort would have resulted in higher taxes and fewer maintenance programs that are essential for the town’s functionality. Incorporation would also have isolated the Valley and Resort from nearby communities, all of which are accustomed to working together to solve local issues and share resources.

Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth can now focus on implementing improvements among the communities. Currently the organization is planning on additionally commerical and residential development, and a gondola that will connect Squaw with the nearby Alpine Meadows ski area. The CLAFC decided that the incorporation of Olympic Valley would not be financially viable, and now Wirth is seeking to instead promote increased transportation and communication between resorts and ski areas.

The good news keeps coming for Squaw Valley: the resort area was also battling a snow drought. The drought negatively affected business, but things have started to turn around. The more recent cold weather and early snow storms have allowed the resorts in the Olympic Valley area to open earlier than normal, giving them a much needed boost in business to counteract the effects of the drought.

Originally reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, the news of desirable weather and the end of the incorporation fight spells an optimistic and bright future for Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth.

Brazilian Entrepreneur And Banker Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Anheuser-Bush Needs Another Incentive Plan

Anheuser-Bush has made a major commitment. The company is pushing its premium brands. The biggest beer company in the world is experiencing a net sales decline even though some of their brands are doing well. Premium beer sales may be good, but they are not good enough for investors. Net sales dropped by almost $1 billion last year, and executives think 2016 could be worse. Anheuser-Bush weak sales to wholesalers was the main issue that created the sales dilemma.

The only way to correct that dilemma, according to Anheuser-Bush executives is to get wholesalers to buy more of their premium beer brands. After all, Anheuser-Bush has a lot of beer brands in its InBev arsenal. But having an extraordinary amount of brands and getting distributors to push them is not going to solve the sales decline issue, according to businessman, investor, and bank president Ricardo Guimarães.

In the old days, there were not a lot of choices in the beer market. The baby boomer generation accounted for most of the sales back then, but the new generation of beer drinkers have more choices. Not only that, beer has more flavor today. The premium beer market is driving the sales increases, and Anheuser-Bush wants distributors to push their premium brands at the expense of the small independent breweries that are in vogue in the beer market now.

Anheuser-Bush introduced a new incentive plan that could put $200,000 a year back in the pockets of distributors that sign up for the plan. Ricardo Guimarães thinks the Anheuser-Bush plan won’t get off the ground, and for good reason.

Ricardo Guimarães is familiar with plans that offer companies money for pushing products at the expense of other companies. Brazilian corporations are accused of payoffs and kickbacks constantly because that is the way business is done in Brazil. Guimarães is the president of BMG Bank, a medium size bank that specializes in the consignment credit industry.

Mr. Guimarães has built a successful soccer sponsorship program, so he knows a lot about soccer as well as the beer drinkers that support their favorite clubs. Ricardo says there is a new consumer in the marketplace that wants companies to play fair, and the Anheuser-Bush is not playing fair if the distributor incentive plan is approved by the Department of Justice.

Anheuser-Bush needs another plan that will stimulate their premium brand sales. That plan shouldn’t involve giving money back for special treatment. AB In Bev brands should cater to consumers that want the best ingredients brewed by beer masters that know what a premium beer should taste like.

Taste, ingredient quality and individuality should be the main focus of a new incentive plan that honors consumers first, and distributors second. Distributors don’t need a reimbursement, they need beer brands that beer drinkers want to buy. That’s how distributors make money.
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Sam Tabar Shares His Successful Investment Strategies

On January 14th, 2015, PRNewswire released the results of a recent study by Fidelity Investment, which concluded that approximately 54 percent of Americans make financial New Year resolutions each January. Because financial plans are the most common type of goals, prominent businessman and attorney Sam Tabar cautions Americans who are eager to increase their net-worth and retirement savings with commodity trading. Throughout the article, Tabar helps Americans navigate through the complex world of investment securities by sharing a few of his most effective and lucrative investment strategies.

According to Tabar, and his bio reflects utilizing this strategy in his own life, pursuing commodity trading is typically more risky than traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Commodity markets are often volatile whereas stock markets or mutual funds are usually more predictable. As a result, investors must have the necessary resources to determine the potential short-term losses that are associated with this investment sector. Tabar would not recommend commodity trading for casual or novice investors. The businessmen with the most success in these markets are the ones who perform extensive research before investing.

Another alternative to the stock market, mutual funds, and commodity trading is investing in start-up companies that have a global mission. Tabar has witnessed the benefits of financially supporting social entrepreneurs as he just recently invested in THINX, a company that produces fashionable yet comfortable undergarments. Along with the stylish products, the uniqueness of the business lies in their business model, which consists of donating seven sanitary cloth pads to underprivileged African and American women for every pair of underwear sold. Undeniably, investing in private companies with a profound mission is a great opportunity to earn money while giving back to the community.  That’s a big part of why Sam Tabar has also created a GoFundMe account to start doing more for African charities.

Towards the end of the article that was published by PRNewswire, Tabar concludes by stressing the importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio. Unfortunately, many novice investors mistakenly pursue the most exciting and newest investment vehicles while neglecting to invest money in more stable and often lucrative markets. Additionally, Tabar strongly believes that Americans should start saving and investing for their retirement sooner rather than later.

As a successful attorney and capital strategist, Tabar is well-qualified to offer practical financial advice. He hopes that his sound guidance will help Americans make realistic New Year resolutions. Tabar is currently the chief operating officer of FullCycle Fund. He has previously held prominent positions at Merrill Lynch, Sparx Group/PMA, and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

Kyle Bass; The Investments Gambler

Every investor in the world and any other person with business interests have heard of this founder of Hyman Capital Management which is a Dallas-based fund. This is from his continued gambling about the current state of the economy and his said geniality since 2008 after he made a prediction about the mortgage crisis which came true. From his script and directives in 2006 many thinks, he is somehow a genius and media have offered him numerous platforms to discuss market economy many of which what he says is never coming true.

Recently, Bass took an interview with halftime Report to discuss the current market situation. He thinks that the real issue affecting China is not many investors thin it is that is its lending being at the peak but its banking system. The banking system he relates with a time when Europe was at the verge of collapsing all they were needed to do was to change their banking system Chinas Banking system he says has grown to over 400% in a period of 8 years whereas it’s not performing well. However, Bass comments come at a time when his Dallas Foundation is running to the drains. His actions no longer have a positive effect with the foundation raging from his close allies like Christina the Argentina’s president.

Bass explains the current credit cycle and says if it makes losses like let say 10%, there will be a very high margin of 3.5 trillion dollars. This he says China’s banking system is the worst in the world basing from its numerous exports in comparison to the dollar. The credit cycle of Asia is out of hands unless China makes changes to its banking before then. This will not only affect Asia but Europe too by the end of the year 2016 to making a loss of 10% – 20%. Bass thinks what other united states investors are seeing as the end of the world is not actually the end of the world. But who would not agree that his distinctive views are simply from his economic illiteracy that has seen his foundation fall immensely.

What is being seen as a global financial crisis now, Bass is not seeing it like that more of a crisis. But he sees that the United States stocks are going to go low and increase at the end of the year. He does not see this as a problem that could lead to the development of a global crisis at all. He thinks since stocks have risen to 40% as compared to 10% ten years ago it’s a great change that can help manage the crisis. However, there is the massive credit boom that will affect the markets little bit. This comes at a time when Bass life is going haywire. Allegedly, he has confessed at one point that life is not easy especially when you see other people winning and you are not winning. His said foundation recorded a massive loss of about 30% a very large blow to Bass influence in the investment world.

After Hearing Criticism, White Shark Builds Business Around Transparency

Transparency is key within the context of a business-client relationship. Transparency protects you like a shield against all sorts of negative things, such as incompetence and poor performance. It is easy for an AdWords management company to not be transparent. Most small business owners don’t really understand the in’s and out’s of an internet campaign. It’s easy to feel lost in all the technical jargon and sort of give up, putting complete faith in an AdWords company. It would be easy for a company to take advantage of that faith for their own personal gain.

Through the years, White Shark Media has heard the voices of clients and taken steps to increase transparency. The first thing that the AdWords company did was to increase communication through multiple channels. One of the most effective communication tools that the company uses is a real, live representative assigned to each campaign. The phone number for this rep is given to the client and whenever there is a need or a question, the answer is just a phone call away. Now, a point man on a campaign is nothing groundbreaking and that line of communication has its flaws — the representative could be on vacation, for example — so White Shark has installed layers of protection. The client is given a second representative to call making it a virtual guarantee that person-to-person communication is always available.

White Shark Media also hosts monthly reports with a virtual meeting. The client receives a packet with all the information about how the campaign is succeeding days before an actual meeting takes place. The virtual meeting takes place via the internet, using a program that White Shark controls. This allows the AdWords marketer to display charts, figures and pictures on the screen, furthering the ability to communicate about the campaign. And since the packet of information arrives a few days before the meeting, the client has plenty of time to look at the info and develop pertinent questions for the meeting. All of this makes the meetings an incredibly effective communication tool. These virtual meetings can also happen at any time upon request, furthering transparency between White Shark and its clients.

Another criticism that White Shark has heard over the years has inspired the company to change policy. They used to run campaigns exclusively through their own AdWords account. Now they open a new account specifically for the client and run the campaign through the newly formed account. This allows the client to log into the account at any given time to see the progress of the campaign for themselves. This way, the client feels in complete control and has no chance of being taken advantage of at any time.

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Kevin Seawright, The Financial Expert Passionate about Developing Newark

Kevin Seawright is administrative operations and financial leader well known for his ability to achieve business targets. He serves as the executive vice president and CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Seawright has an interesting work life that spans in both the public and private sectors. He started his career in finance in a government position at Baltimore, Maryland. After earning various key awards in a period of 11 years, Seawright leveraged his construction and financial management expertise to venture into the private industry. His huge experience culminated to his appointment as the executive vice president and CFO of Newark CEDC.

His enthusiasm is vivid, and every interview really drives that home, given that the organization is at a stage when its efforts are having a huge effect on the growth of Newark. Seawright points out that he is honored to play a role in the positive change, an honor he often talks about on Twitter. Newark is creating an economic model under Mayor Baraka that uses capital for development of small businesses, Wi-Fi access, and its port in addition to the railroad lines, highways, and diverse communities. The corporation has a summer employment program that absorbs 3,000 Newark students thus promoting economic growth, which is important for Newark’s future.

Seawright has devoted his life to enabling urban cities develop and changing the lives of the city dwellers. For more than 13 years, Seawright has used his financial experience to improve communities on the East Coast. When it comes to a situation that requires a creative solution, Seawright always transforms his thought process and attitude to handle such a situation. The positive attitude and adaptation have played a key role in his success thus far.

CrunchBase shows that his journey started when his parents introduced him to financial stewardship. By his 12th birthday, he was already working in youth programs transforming lives within Philadelphia’s inner city. His dedication and diligence has inspired him to continue changing the lives of adults and children first in Philadelphia, Baltimore and presently, Newark. Seawright values college education both as a training and teaching tool. Recently, he completed an executive leadership three part course that teaches about the principles of heading a transformational organization at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

Seawright views success in two ways. Firstly, is by having a great relationship with his immediate family especially his daughter and the extended family. Secondly, success to him is contributing meaningfully to the community. His life experiences have contributed to his success. Despite of the many achievements that Seawright has had, he notes that there is still a lot more that needs to be done in Newark. This includes making capital available to medium sized and small businesses as well as contributing to real estate and construction projects. His experience is expected to help the city of Newark and its economy grow through Newark CEDC, which is the main development catalyst for the city.

Status Labs Is Helping Out Other Austin Businesses

Status Labs is the only company of its kind in Austin, Texas, and that has made it very valuable to the chamber of commerce there. The chamber asked it to partner with them and help the businesses in the area to maintain good images online. This partnership will not just help out the other businesses in Austin, but it will also help Status Labs, and so it is an overall good thing for both the chamber and the company.
Status Labs is a company that focuses on making sure that its clients’ images are being kept clean online, and it knows how to do that well. It monitors all that is going on in the online world, and it makes sure that those that it is trying to protect always stay safe and clean online. It tries to keep them safe and to make sure that their reputations are never ruined because of the lies that can be said of them online.
So, while Status Labs has moved on beyond its hometown of Austin, Texas, it has always been happy to help out the city where it got its start. It is glad to partner with the chamber of commerce to help out other businesses that have gotten their start in Austin, Texas, as well. There is just something so great about the place where a company first gets its start, and that is why Status Labs has always felt a connection with Austin, Texas despite moving on to New York City and bigger things.