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Beneful’s Varieties of Dog Food Blends

Let’s be honest- our pets health and nutrition comes before our own more often than not. Our favorite companions are more than just our dogs, but they are members of the family. When it comes to feeding your dog a balanced meal, Beneful offers many different varieties designed to meet the health needs of your pet. This well known dog food brand has been around for several years, cobtains the ingredients crucial to your pets health.
Beneful’s original food blend is a favorite and recommended type for dogs of any size or breed. This antioxidant rich formula is a balanced meal, complete with real meat and vegetables. Beneful originals also features three different flavors for your pet to choose from: beef, chicken and salmon. Your dog will not only have the right nutrition, but they can add a little flavor variety in the mix.

If you have a dog suffering weight issues, also offers their healthy weight formula to ensure your dog is getting everything they need to shed some pounds. Along with the healthy weight blend, is a healthy puppy option. This formula is designed to give your puppy everything they need to grow big, strong and healthy, while giving them a well balanced meal. Puppies need a supplement called DHA to promote healthy brain support and Beneful healthy puppy formula provides that necessary ingredient.

Beneful also has a Playful Life formula which helps your dog thrive in their daily energy. Maybe your pet is in need of a protein boost? Well this Beneful variety contains it! Beneful also introduced a new dog food called Incredibites, recently. This is a protein rich blend designed for small dog breeds up to fifteen and a half pounds.

No matter what your dogs dietary needs require, Beneful has a formula designed for your favorite companion. Beneful is reasonably priced at Wal-Mart, features the most nutritious ingredients, with real meat and veggies and antioxidants. If you want to give your dog a healthy life, you will choose A Beneful variety for your favorite four legged friend.

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