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Strategies Used by Fortress Investment Group to Become Effective in the Alternative Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group has demonstrated massive progress since 2002 when the company transitioned to become an alternative asset manager. Before the transition, the company had concentrated on the management of private equity fund, which was the primary source of capital for the organization. However, since the recruitment of Peter Briger into the firm, Fortress Group has been one of the best asset managers in the industry.Investing in alternative assets has always been a problem for a significant number of investment companies operating in the United States and other parts of the world. Some companies believe that investing in such assets would lead to devastating financial challenges because they do not guarantee income both in short and long term.

However, Fortress Investment Group has created its significant wealth by investing in assets that some organizations would never have considered.However, Fortress Investment Group did not experience many challenges as the company had invested in strategies that helped it to withstand the problems. Although its customers were stricken, the firm remained operational despite a significant number of financial entities such as banks, wealth managers, and insurance companies closing down their operations.The first decision that the three individuals undertook was registering the company in the stock market where it could sell its shares to the members of the public.This was a risky move but later proved to be a milestone that no other asset manager has ever experienced.

After registering in the NYSE, Fortress Investment Group was able to achieve a significant amount of money that it used for investment purposes.Financial organizations are operating in an era where customers are becoming important and influential in the ways organizations operate. Fortress Group was started as an entity that was geared towards changing the market by offering customer based services. Upcoming investment companies should borrow this strategy, which would spur their growth.Lastly, the three leaders agreed on a important business strategy that would help the company to be more efficient and competitive. This strategy involved incorporating technology in all departments of the organization. The move did not only help the company to be efficient, but it also enabled it to cut on operational costs and used the savings to invest in profitable assets.

Meet Randal Nardone: One of the World’s Billionaires

Randal Nardone is one of the world's few billionaires
Randal Nardone: One of the World’s Billionaires

An investment involves acquiring assets with the expectation that their value will increase in the future and therefore making a profit. Many entrepreneurs are coming up from all parts of the world. Some companies are involved in offering credit while others provide the advice to the entrepreneurs to help them achieve their objective. Other companies that have started to gain prominence are the capital ventures, these are companies that invest in existing ventures in exchange for a share of ownership.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the companies that have ventured in to various opportunities. The company has been in operation for decades and this has earned it a good reputation for its success. The company has a team of management with a vast experience in top management and therefore they are able to make informed decisions before channeling funds to a certain project and also during its implementation. Randal Nardone is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group, he has played a critical role in the success of the company since it started. He currently serves as one of the company’s board member, he is responsible for advising the board on legal matters in the company and its interests.

Randal Nardone is one of the richest individuals in the world. He has been featured in the Forbes magazine, in 2007, he was position 557. The list comprises the richest individuals in the world. The individual have a lot of influence on various issues that have global impact such as politics. He also excelled in his education where he studied law from Boston University, a globally recognized institution. Before pursuing law, he had studied English and Biology. Randal Nardone followed his passion, this is a good lesson to many people who get in to careers they are not passionate about. Some scholars have urged people to follow their passion as they are likely to be more productive and happier.

Employees are one of the most valuable assets of the organization as they have a direct impact on the products, this is according to some scholars. When they are well motivated, they are likely to perform better. The employees of Fortress Investment Group are happy for the company as they feel valued by the management. Randal Nardone has been recognized for his exemplary leadership skill and has been appointed to serve in boards of various organizations such as Eurocastle Investment and Springleaf Financial Holdings. Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by SofBank, a Chinese company. The management was to stay intact and the company would still continue to operate in the same areas of specialization.


The US’ Infrastructure is Crumbling Says Shervin Pishevar

As the price of Bitcoin keeps dropping, many people are beginning to put stock into the grim predictions of entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar. Over 2 days in early February, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter to deliver his thoughts and opinions on the economy both in the United States and globally.

Delivered through 50 tweets, the 21-hour tweet storm left a lot of people shaking their heads. With predictions from the crash of bitcoin to the rise of China, there were a lot of concerning and controversial topics covered during Shervin Pishevar’s rant. The early investor in Uber has been correct in many of his predictions in the past so many aren’t taking what he’s saying lightly.

One of the huge concerns that were addressed in Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet storm is the problems with the infrastructure in the United States. For decades residents of the US have spoken about the crumbling infrastructure such as bridges and roads along with the problems in public transit that plague many cities. He brings up an example in China where they managed to build an entire train system in just 9 hours due to proper planning and execution. With efficient construction times like this, it’s difficult to understand why many of the US infrastructure projects tend to take months and sometimes even years to complete. While other global powers are focused on long-term goals, the United States and their businesses are stuck only focusing on the present and immediate future by only thinking in the short term.

He does later go on to explain that there are exceptions to the rules, but they are very rare. Shirven Pishevar brought up Elon Musk and the great success he has had with the Space X and Virgin Hyperloop programs.

Due to the US’ obsession with short-term prospects, projects on these scales are generally hard to get off the ground as many companies lack the willpower needed for them to succeed. To keep the US from crumbling in the future, action needs to be taken now.