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Odell Beckham Jr. wins Madden Cover

Odell Beckham Jr. burst on to the season last season for the New York Giants and he never looked back. The actual drafting of Beckham Jr itself was a head scratcher. Why did New York want another speedy, undersized receiver when they had Victor Cruz already split outside? So with injuries and fan criticism firmly leveled on him, what did ODB do after missing the first four games of the year? He caught 92 passes, racked up over 1,100 yards, scored 12 touchdowns and, oh yeah, made the best catch of the decade. To add to his accomplishments, Odell Beckham Jr. just became the youngest player to ever win the Madden Cover.

Winning the fan vote for the Madden Cover is no small feat. Madden is one of the biggest video game franchises in the world and the cover athlete gets a HUGE boost in press for their own personal brand. Players like Marshall Faulk, Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald have all graced the cover. ODB won the popular fan vote by beating out Rob Gronkowski in a 1 on 1 final vote.

While Odell Beckham Jr. is probably ecstatic to be on the cover, some fans may not like it.  To see some exciting shots check out my friend James Dondero on tumblr.