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Maingear Offers The Next Generation In PC Gaming Systems

Sleek, beautiful, and flawlessly crafted are just a few words used to describe the new F131 gaming desktop by Maingear. This gaming desktop is slim and assembled by hand from start to finish by one of their master craftsmen using the highest quality material.

The new F131 is completely customizable down to the color of coolant the customer would like to have in their gaming desktop. The F131 is built with hardline crystal tubing that is shatterproof. The F131, also, has a hardline metal tubing used to help disperse heat. This nickel-plated tubing is both beautiful and functional.

The F131 includes the new APEX cooling system that was designed simultaneously with the F131 for a cohesive product. This system is designed with a dual pump cooling system that is pressure regulated by both a flow-rate sensor and temperature sensor. According to The Verge, the hardline tubing, APEX cooling system, fans, processor, and graphics card setup creates a quiet gaming system that does not get hot under strain.

The F131 has specs to meet the demands of most gamers. A system can have up to 18 cores and up to two graphics cards along dual channel DDR4 ram. Again, each system is handcrafted with custom coolant, supports overclocking, and an automotive paint finish. Maingear uses MARC II paint processes to give the gaming system a durable, high gloss finish. Customers can choose from a selection of designs or upload custom designs to create a true custom piece of art.

Maingear has developed a state-of-the-art PC gaming system. This system looks sleek and beautiful, and it can handle 4K and virtual reality gaming with ease. Maingear, also, offers lifetime service and support and never has bloatware. The F131 is built to withstand the future of technology.