Adam Milstein influential in the pro-Israel movement

Adam Milstein has spent several years in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Adam Milstein has become one of America’s leading pro-Israel philanthropists. Israel is in Adam’s blood, soul and heart. He was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, where he also later joined the Israeli Defense Force and served during the Yom Kippur War. He later emigrated to the United States in 1981, to pursue his collegiate education at the University of Southern California School of Business.

While in California, Adam left his mark as one of the area’s top real estate investment managers. He and his wife launched the Milstein Family Foundation, which aims to provide both charity and philanthropic services to organizations that work to support the state of Israel, the Jewish people and the important U.S. – Israel relationship.

As he continues his work, he continues to make a name for himself as a philanthropist. growing his work and fundraising efforts to support programs that help with Jewish education, jewish continuity, and pro-Israel advocacy. He goes beyond financial support and offers hands-on approach that combines the lessons and skills he has learned to help organizations reach new levels of power. Milstein subscribes to “active philanthropy,” which focuses not just on financial contributions but spending time with every organization that they partner with. Milstein’s foundation connects organizations with nonprofits that work towards common goals. Adam Milstein has created partnerships allow pro-Israel groups to reach a larger audience with a profound impact that could not be achieved individually.

Adam Milstein has grown into a thought leader and expert in the non-profit community. He is spreading his message and lessons learned through several platforms including podcasting. He has created the Adam Milstein Podcast, which hosts conversations with a variety of individuals with elected-officials, policy makers, artists and others who are on the front lines in the pro-Israel communities. Adam hs become a key figure in philanthropy and was recently named one of the 200 most influential Do-Gooders in the world. He has spread his message on social media and was recognized for his impact on philanthropy. Milstein continues to support Israel and the Jewish community and more

Matthew Autterson is Helping the Disabled Behind the Wheel

Matthew Autterson is a savvy businessman and philanthropist in Denver Colorado. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems or (FAB). Autterson has had several leadership roles throughout the years working with the Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Zoo. Matthew is a highly regarded man in the business community of Colorado and beyond. He has a true passion for the disabled and uses his experience to help create technology that will benefit them in the workplace. He collaborates with therapists, physicians, and wheel chair therapists to come up with ways to improve the lives of the disabled. Matthew Autterson is also working with FAB to develop clinical stage drugs aimed at neuropathic pain management.

In his early years, Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Finance in 1980. Later he would move on to the University of Denver to obtain a degree in Tax System. His first place of employment was at First Trust Corporation. Later it would be renamed SunAmerica and then bought out by AIG for an estimated $18 billion. He then joined Colorado State Chartered Company in 1982 and was appointed the President. Now he is working with Falci Adaptive Biosystems. FAB is a nonprofit organization focusing on helping those with neuromotor disabilities. The utilize the brains of engineering experts and medical staff to bring effective technology into rehabilitation systems. The company has a Motorsports program to help encourage the disabled.

Falci Adaptive Motorsports is the world’s largest organization that puts the disabled into a racing experience. They have been able to set outstanding records by working with quadriplegic and paraplegic drivers. Falci Adaptive Motorsports promoted the creation of two special Corvettes. One is paraplegic friendly and the other accessible to quadriplegics. There are so many recreational and athletic sports that the disabled are able to participate in this day and age. Falci Adaptive Motorsports wants to be added to the mix. Falci Adaptive Motorsports is one of the world’s premiere organizations dedicated to putting wheelchair-bound race enthusiasts back into a memorable racing experience.