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Shenmue 3 Breaks Kickstarter Record

For any video game developer looking for the right kind of exposure, they wait for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where millions of consumers are coming to companies to learn most about their wares. In the age of crowd sourcing for passion projects, E3 provides an unorthodox but possibly lucrative platform.

Something of a cult classic, and forgotten by the development of video game hardware and software, no one would be embarrassed for forgetting the Shenmue games which debuted and died with Sega’s Dreamcast console. For quite a while, Shenmue 3 had existed as something of an Internet rumor, with journalists in gaming circles reporting very little of it’s possible future. But what caught fans’ attention most was his plea to fans to help fund the project on Kickstarter to be developed for both Playstation 4 and the PC. According to Engadget, minutes after it’s unveiling to the world, Shenmue 3 reached total of $2 million in pledged funds, both meeting its goal and displaying a dedication fanbase ready to continue the franchise that came to an abrupt halt over a decade ago.

According to FreedomPop in an article on, with these funds, Shenmue 3 is now announced to begin development and is aiming for a release for Q4 2017 (typically near the holiday season). Though fans may continue to pledge to the campaign between now and July 18th in order to gain access to developer perks that will be exclusive to those who pledge when the title releases.