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Revolutionizing Canvassing With NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing Tool

One of the most challenging tasks during the campaign times is being a campaign field organizer in charge of cutting turf. Cutting turf involves preparing walk lists and maps for campaign staff and volunteers. It takes a lot of time, but with NPG VAN’s organizing tool called Distributed Canvassing, the trends and efficiency will change for the better. The tool is meant to revolutionize workflow when launching canvasses.

A volunteer in a campaign contacts a field organizer who schedules office time and spends some time cutting and printing turf. Then the volunteer checks the list of voters before canvassing and reaching the voters. The volunteer will then review the list back in the office for the organizer to enter the data into the systems.

However, with Distributed Canvassing, most of these procedures are cut down especially turf cutting and distribution. All the organizer has to do is set up a universe, specify the script, and state how many doors for each volunteer. The system creates a list number, and the only work the organizer does is distributing the list numbers. Distributed Canvassing tool then cuts the turfs depending on the volunteer’s present location.

Distributed Canvassing is based on Knock 10 app that is in its beta stage. Different people have used it in various programs such as statewide universes, traditional canvassing, and ballot chase. It was highly successful in a statewide universe in Virginia where the entire universe was almost checked out and canvassed in one weekend. It provided an easy way for organizers to reach out and proved suitable for sending people out in actual canvassing using traditional canvassing.


NGP VAN is a software firm based in Washington, D.C., specializing in developing fundraising and organization tools for progressive campaigns. They were instrumental in the 2008 and 2012 Barrack Obama campaigns as well as for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns in 2016. They have worked closely with Democratic Party campaigns. NGP VAN provides technology for nonprofits networking platforms, local governments, and other companies. Their tools help create date to help political fronts understand their voters better. They have developed a MiniVAN smartphone app that can be used by volunteers in data entry when canvassing door-to-door.

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OneLogin Partners with Envoy to Better the Use of Data at Work

OneLogin is a cloud-based platform that sells identity and access management (IAM) to organizations. The primary goal of OneLogin is to ensure that devices can be accessed securely. The platform was formed in 2009 by two brothers, Thomas and Christian Pedersen. This idea of establishing OneLogin platform came about after Thomas and Christian realized that security with regards to access to data on devices is a problem that organizations face worldwide.

Organizations have now found a better way to host their guests, and this is through the use of an iPad. This basically means that the old way of signing in visitors through manual logs will soon be history. Envoy, which is an organization based in San Francisco, has made it possible for visits to now be fully automated, making it hard for any insecurities to occur.

This innovation now makes it easier for clients using Envoy to host guests without having to worry about the small details such as having them manually sign in or tampering of the security detail. The System for Cross-domain Identity Management protocol is an innovation that was invented by Envoy and OneLogin which eases the exchange of user identity information. The feature can now be found on Envoy premium as well as customers using enterprise.

The main aim of the SCIM is to simplify the use and management of different identities. The system automatically categorizes customers details and updates their information which is then synchronized with OneLogin.

OneLogin explained that their partnership with Envoy came about when they realized that they shared the same idea of creating a comfortable working environment. They were also encouraged by the number of clients who were visiting their site to use the SCIM.

SCIM also gives the visitors an easier task of perusing through profiles. For the hosts, they are in a position to create invites for their guests and get notifications when their guests arrive at the organization.

The Head of Product at Envoy, Mr. Wells Riley, says that this system has significantly bettered the issue of security in organizations and made it a great experience for guests when they visit their hosts. This step by OneLogin is a clear indication that the company purposes to enhance its services.

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