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“The Trendsetter That Revolutionized the Transportation Industry”

Eager to set a trend, I wanted to share with you, a hard-working entrepreneur by the name of Perry Mandera. He founded his first transportation business at a merely 23 years old and as of 2018, I would still consider Perry Mandera as the man who set the caliber in the industry of trucking and logistics.

Perry Mander’s vision set the standard for all of the trucking and logistic companies in the United States today. It makes you wonder, how a young man, with such determination accomplished 30 years ago, what most trucking and logistic companies still struggle with in this demanding industry today.

Revolutionizing success, this “The Customer Companies” founder has streamed his name across the globe and into the minds of supporters and followers. With his influence and determination; distribution and warehouses blossomed and transporting goods became even more popular.

When you think Oprah, you think “television.” You think “phenomenal tv show host”. Perry Mandera’s contributions are vast, and may even set him within the same likes as Oprah, the star mogul!

He has managed his very own businesses and his consistent donations in aiding the less fortunate have been widely recognized. I can definitely see the comparisons between these two entrepreneurs, and I am sure that anyone else would be able to distinguish that as well.

Chicago, Illinois has a vested interest in supporting their very own Perry Mandera. His involvements are widely acknowledged (Slideshare). He supports or has founded businesses and charities such as the Illinois State Crime Commission, Mercy Home For Boys & Girls, Catholic Charities USA, Lynn Sage Foundation, and The University of Chicago Medical Center and Custom Cares Charities; and this is just to name a few.

Perry Mandera has also been recognized as a leading supporter in the fight against cancer, as he has generously donated to The Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope to see many more of Perry Mandera and his accomplishments!