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Coca-Cola Pops the Top Back on the Bottle; Production Halts in Venezuela

Venezuela is facing changing times on a multitude of fronts, but the recent events in which Coca-Cola suspended their production in the country is heavily trending right now. Like all production, a vast amount of materials is needed. According to El Nacional, the United States company is no different when it comes to their need for proper equipment and, of course, sugar in order to execute the creation of that sugary classic, but Venezuela is, unfortunately, experiencing a sugar shortage.
Thankfully, however, the company’s production of sugar-free beverages will continue production as normal, but those who enjoy the original, sugary taste are out of luck until further notice. The world’s motives to pray for the country undoubtedly grow by the day says expert David Osio, and Venezuela never goes without a thought or wish for peace. As citizens eagerly wait for production to resume, they must enjoy Coca-Cola’s diet alternative. Curious minds cannot help but wonder if production will ever commence again, or at least any time soon.