Christopher Burch: The Serial Inventor

Chris has always been an entrepreneur since his college days back in Ithaca. Chris Burch is valued at $1 Billion dollars which is an accomplishment that he deserves seeing that he has worked so hard to build so much. And to think he just started with sweaters.

Currently, he is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also the serving Chief Executive Officer of that company. All his investments are incubated by it as it is essentially the mother of his investments.

He is also the founder of Tony Burch LLC and back in 2012; his shares in the company C. Wonder helped him propel himself into the stratosphere because he was able to achieve billionaire status. Apart from Burch Creative Capital, he is also investing with the Guggenheim Partners.

His History In Fashion

His first business started when he was still in college at Ithaca. Together with his brother Robert, they started Eagle’s Eye Apparel. My making the sweaters more preppy, he was able to get the campus markets to himself by selling sweaters that were more preppy.

Within the next ten years after that, he had expanded so wide that they had over $140 million in revenue. They also had over 50 retail stores all over the country at that time as they had grabbed the campus students market for those sweaters.

Moving On

They were able to sell that company to the Swire group for around $60 million which put them win a different class altogether. Together with his then wife, they were able to launch Tory Burch where he had a healthy amount of shares.

After selling half of his shares in that company, he launched Christopher Capital LLC which was renamed to be the Burch Creative Capital. He uses it as the incubator and mother of all his other investments

After that, he launched C. Wonder a home décor company that he sold to Xcel and then got to be the billionaire he is today

Real Estate

Three of the most notable projects that he has worked are:

  • There is a hotel in Buenos Aires that he built with over $100 million.
  • He renovated a house in New York selling it at $25 million as compared to the $14 Million that he paid for it.
  • He also founded a construction materials company that is not doing too badly.


In Conclusion

He is serious serial investor and has even involved himself in film at one time when he produced the romantic comedy film WATCH IT. It did not do too badly at the box office and he is proud of that and many other things

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