Dawn of the New Ice Age

When some people think about an ice age, they might think about a time of mass extinction. James Dondero thinks the entire planet could be covered in ice or at least large areas of the Earth. There are talks about a new ice age, but there are also those who think that these talks are simply made up and should not be recognized. If the temperature of the globe continues to rise, then there will likely be ice that melts in areas where it hasn’t melted before. This melting could cause some of the large bodies of water to rise. This isn’t the same idea as an ice age where the temperature drops and everything freezes. The reasoning behind this ice age theory is that some scientists think that the sun will go through a sleep cycle in about 15 years. If the sun does go to sleep, then it could cause temperatures to drop, but that doesn’t mean that the Earth would go through an ice age.

One thought on “Dawn of the New Ice Age”

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