Discover the rallying abilities of Michel Terpins.

The Sertões Rally is a big sporting event in Brazil. The popularity of the rally edition has seen it attract numerous sponsors that include Petrobras Grid, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lubrax, Divino Stoper and Caixa. The rally usually takes place in different states and towns at different times, and during its 25th edition it called on the Institutional support of the Government of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Government of the State of Goiás, and Bonito City Hall. These were the states that the rally was going through in that edition and factors such as security and licences to go through various places had to come from this institutions. Most states are usually very supportive of the rally as it brings in a lot of visitors to the state and they come and spend a lot in them meaning that they are an excellent source of local tourism. The rally also enjoyed the backing of Pirelli, Alpha City and Truckvan. The rally cannot go on thou without someone to oversee it. It is thus the responsibility of the Brazilian Motorcycle Confederation to supervise the cross-country championship while the CBA, i.e. Brazilian Automobile Confederation to oversee the vehicle categories of the rally. The Sertoes rally has been one of the rallies that had seen Michel Terpins become a frequent participant. In fact, the name of there team has the name of the rally as part of it, It is a testament of how seriously the team takes this rally, and with every new edition, they become more entrenched. Michel Terpins having come from the cross country championship it was hard to predict that he would quickly turn himself into one of the most prolific drivers that the rally had ever seen. He has been able to turn himself from a one sport champion into a multifaceted competitor. Michel is also environmentally conscious and this goes a long way in supporting the reforestation program that has been taken up by the green initiative on of the sticker providers in the Sertoes rally. By planting trees every so often, there is real hope that they can counter the effect of car emissions during the rally.

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