Dr Saad Saad inspiring story.

Before becoming the renowned doctor he is today, Dr Saad has lived in several countries. The movement, however, did not deter him from his goal in life. Dr Saad was born in Palestine, grew up in Kuwait. Moved to Egypt for his medical degree, did his internship in England and finally relocated to the United States.

During his movement from one country to another, Saad Saad experienced challenges, but he was able to emerge a victor and use these challenges as a platform to learn about life.

Education background.

Dr Saad as previously mentioned received his medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt he graduated in 1970 and was the second-best in his class. Saad believes that getting guidance and mentorship from one of the best pediatric surgeons gave him a lot of experience and he uses skills he learnt from his mentor to date.

Dr Saad remembers buying a ticket from Cairo to Beirut, to pass in his test. Saad scored highly, and this allowed him entry into the United States. His entry to the United States was the beginning of his career journey. Saad believes some of the skills taught to him by his mentors like honesty and hard work has played a big part in shaping who he is.

Career journey.

Saad Saad has been in the medical world for almost four decades now, in these years he has worked in different institutions and has managed to perform many successful surgeries. He has also worked as a professor in several universities and helped other students to excel in medicine. Dr Saad also has copyright inventions that help in improving people’s lives all over the world, Saad is passionate about his career and believes that children should be given an opportunity to enjoy their young age.

One of his projects is; a catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device, catheters are used for several functions in the body, they can drain gas or fluids. Or help in operations. However, when they are inserted into the body, some catheters can be left in the body either temporary or permanent. When it is time to remove this catheter using a catheter integral electromagnetic location identification makes it easier to locate the tube.

Saad Saad’s invention will help greatly in making medical procedures safer and more manageable. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

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