Fabletics: The Making of a Brand


Since its inception in 2013, Fabletics has taken the sports gear market by a wave. The brand has experienced a 200% growth earning more than $235 million with a membership of 1.2 million. The brands success has been attributed to leveraging the power of the crowd which has a major impact on purchases. Consumers today rely on other consumers’ reviews to make purchase.

Reviews can accelerate sales and it’s no wonder that fabletics has a million subscribers. With the increasing digitalization of lives today, most consumers conduct an online search before making a decision to purchase their product. Just like any other businesses, Fabletics is aware of this factor and is doing everything to ensure that their clients get the best hence giving the best reviews to attract more buyers.

How Does Fabletics Distinguish Itself From Other Brands?

  • The brand has a VIP membership subscription option where they get the products at a discounted price. The VIP members get their complete attires picked for them every month. The regular members on the other hand pick whatever they want at standard prices.
  • There is a guide on how fabletics works so as to ensure that all their users are well informed on the model thus leading to fewer complaints since the members are informed about fabletics.
  • Monthly memberships guarantee the brand a certain number of sales each month.
  • There is inclusivity of all sizes and shape. Most sportswear is designed for relatively small bodied people; however Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is ensuring that there is something for everyone regardless of their body size and shape.
  • Personalized service: Fabletics’ members receive sportswear based on their preferences and lifestyles. This way their clients get trendy gear and customized services for lower prices than those of other vendors.

When new members join Fabletics, the first thing that they are required to do is to take a lifestyle quiz where they give answers to various lifestyle questions. This quiz helps the site to help the subscriber choose outfits that most suit them. If you are a fitness enthusiast then you should subscribe to their website and take the lifestyle quiz in order to discover the best outfits for you and purchase them at half the market prices.

How Kate Has Contributed To the Growth of the Brand

Kate is a totally hand-on kind of person. She gets involved in all aspects of the business. Whether it is picking strategies, the designing process or budget reviews, she makes sure that she works together with her team. She also wears the Fabletics gear which in a way plays a role in affirming the genuineness of the brand. This way her clients gain confidence in the brand earning her more clients and loyalty. Her commitment to stay hands-on has promoted rapid growth of the brand in the market.

According to Kate Hudson, some of the key factors that ensure the brand’s success include;

  • Taking risks and believing in yourself. Her motto is to live your passion. Life on earth is very short, focus on what matters the most.
  • Relying on data to make business decisions. The lifestyle quiz helps Fabletics to collect data which they use to make business decisions
  • Staying hands-on and identifying the right market opportunities


Putting together a winning brand is not an easy task for most celebrities, but Kate Hudson has successfully created a not only a trendy brand but also a brand with a seemingly bright future. With the right attitude and creative inventions in active wear, the brand is bound to grow more and more in the coming future. Their strategy of inclusivity will definitely win more clients and subscribers around the globe.

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