Firewatch Set to Get a Switch Release

Award winning and groundbreaking games are something everyone wants for their platforms. But some gaming platforms evoke a sense of concern there when they’re released. The more daring a console, the more concerns are often raised. That was certainly the case when the Switch was first announced. It’s a very different gaming system than most people expected from Nintendo. But there’s been a recent flux of games which are changing that perception. They’re often among the best that gaming developers have been able to put together over the past few years.

And it was recently announced that a particularly daring project called Firewatch is set for a Switch port. Firewatch itself is a noteworthy game in many respects.

One of the games most important points is the simple fact of how it plays. The game is often classed among a genre of walking simulators. The term is somewhat appropriate here. As the player takes on the role of a forester watching out for fires. But he’s also working on some general upkeep of his nature preserve. This means that he needs to walk out through a variety of beautiful landscapes. It gives people a sense of hiking. And a sense of really living the life of this interesting character they’re coming to know more about.

But the release of Firewatch isn’t just notable for the game itself. It’s also notable as assurance that Nintendo is keeping track of independent releases. One of the more notable aspects of the Vita was that it served as a means of playing independent games on the go.

But with the Vita on the way out, many people feared that the ability to play independent games on the go was gone as well. There was hope that the Switch might inherit that role. But Nintendo’s position on 2nd or 3rd party publishers has never been very certain. But this announcement adds more confidence to people’s decision to go with the Switch as a means to play independent games. And that Nintendo really is working to bring the best of the best to the system.

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