Fortnite Battle Royale Brings New Changes to Battle Pass Customization.

Epic Games has been bringing the heat with their free online FPS-battler ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ and the changes keep on coming. In a genre of gaming that is extremely competitive, free offerings like Fortnite need to constantly offer something special in order to keep gamers clued in. Sometimes, this takes the form of making a gameplay adjustment — such as removing a popular but imbalanced weapon like the SMG. Other times, it means adding new layers of customization in order to keep gamers entertained.Recently, Epic Games announced that they are allowing more customization to be had for your online soldier by way of editing your character’s own back.

Fortnite has been notoriously reliant upon a cash-shop in order to keep their online game afloat as more and more updates are rolled out throughout the beta phase. This means giving gamers the chance to make changes to their character that don’t affect the actual quality of the game. Epic Games has made this possible by releasing a slew of different skins and shields and now they are allowing you to modify your torso. What does this mean more specifically? We’re glad that you asked.

Now, you are able to change up your back. Anything that a character’s skin might possess, such as a shield or the Love Ranger wings, can be filtered out. Anyone can wear these items now, so long as they are quired, and the Back Bligns are going to be added in through the Battle Pass option. You are going to be able to mix and match your different outfit options in order to end up with a completely unique character by the time that you are done. Along with this update, you’ll also be seeing some new skins coming out in the near future so keep your eyes peeled.

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