George Soros’ Plan To Thwart Putin’s Aggression

The new Ukraine is in a precarious position. Born of participatory democracy and a disdain for the entrenched corruption of the old Ukraine, the new Ukraine is still facing several challenges. The citizens are taking an active part in reforming the government, even going so far as to give up well paying positions to volunteer as advisors. According to George Soros Ukraine, in a piece he co-authored for The New York Times, Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin is Ukraine’s biggest problem. Soros believes Putin will act the same way as he did with Georgia, doing whatever he can to destabilize Ukraine’s new government. Putin, however, is acting more aggressively now, by allegedly backing Ukraine separatists with Russian troops.

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Soros talks about deflating any power the separatists hold and stopping Putin by getting the Ukraine in the European Union as quickly as possible. In an opinion piece he wrote for Project Syndicate, Soros talks about how Russia is a threat to the EU. Putin’s geopolitical ambitions become more dangerous as the EU weakens, and Soros believes it is weakening. He says the EU has strayed from its purpose, which was international governance, to a collection of creditors and debtors, with the creditors holding the upper hand.

In another article titled “A New Policy To Rescue Ukraine,” Soros says the Ukraine, while in need of money, is not just another country that the EU should bail out. Supporting Ukraine would thwart Putin, and if Putin stops his attacks on Ukraine, the sanctions again Russia would be lifted. George Soros Ukraine truly believes Putin wants to create a Russian empire and only a reformed Ukraine stands in Putin’s way. Soros also claims that the sanctions allow Putin to blame Russia’s economic problems on Western sanctions. If Ukraine was part of the EU and the sanctions were lifted, Putin couldn’t blame Western powers anymore.

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