Google To Launch Google Arcade, A Social Gaming Platform

Google’s latest venture has nostalgic Gen-Xers growing misty-eyed: They’re planning to launch Arcade, a social gaming platform. Rather than standing up feeding quarters into beeping machines, however, the platform will feature games on mobile devices. In an interview with Bloomberg news, Arcade will be an experiment “focused on mobile gaming with friends.”


This isn’t the first time Google has hosted a game platform of its very own; in the early days of the blog era, they had Widgets, small Flash games and apps which could be embedded in the sidebar of a blog. And of course there is the mighty Google Play system, which hosts apps for their own Android platform. Who would have thought, in the 2010s, that a mobile operating system based on Linux would be the most popular game platform in the world?


Google Arcade is spearheaded by Michael Sayman, a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur and software engineer who has previously worked at Facebook before coming to Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc. So far their first launch is speculated to be a quiz game, inspired by the popularity of HQ Trivia, a social quiz game that only runs on the Apple platform currently. The app is slated to debut this summer, with Android users naturally getting first pick. It’s likely to have connections to other Google services as well, the way Android and YouTube are integrated with Google+, Google’s home-grown social network.