Handy Home Cleaning Service is Revolutionizing the Way People Look at Getting Their Homes Cleaned

It’s Tuesday evening, you just get home from work and you hear a message on your voicemail telling you that you’re going to have family unexpectedly pop in for a visit tomorrow. It’s been a busy week, so your house is a complete and total wreck. You have a 9 AM meeting on Wednesday, and there’s no way in the world that you’re going to be able to clean your house on time. What do you do?

After secretly cursing out your inconsiderate family members, you open up your phone book, you hop online, or you look in your cell phone for the number of a home cleaning service. The question is how do you find the cleaning service that is right for you?

First and foremost, you want a home cleaning service that you can trust. This is because they’re going to be cleaning your home when you’re not there. They’re going to have access to your personal, your valuable items, and likely there’s going to be no one in your home to monitor their activity.

Next, you’re going to want to have someone who is going to arrive on time to clean your home. Usually, the cleaners will arrive to your home before you leave for work. You let them in, and they either let themselves out, or you come back during the lunch hour or when they finish their task to let them out. Nothing could be more frustrating, than missing your important 9 AM Wednesday meeting because the cleaning service that you hired did not have the courtesy to arrive on time.

Third, you want a cleaning service that does a good job. This means that they do their work well, their nonintrusive, and they follow your instructions. For example, if you tell a cleaning service that you want them to only use organic cleaners, or that you want them to use chemical cleaners they should follow your instructions to the letter. The last thing you are ever going to want to have to do is clean up after the cleaning company.

Fourth, you want to consider the price. There are cleaning services that will leave your home looking better than Buckingham palace, but they will also cost you a king’s ransom. There are other services who will leave your home looking spotless, but they have a more reasonable price. The idea is that the cleaning service you use should provide you with a service at a price that is comparable to the time you would’ve had to spend to clean your home.

Searching for a quality cleaning service in a pinch can be a challenge. The guys at Handy want to make that job a lot easier. Created by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the service let’s home owners find cleaners in the same way that passengers can find taxis using Uber. The business has more than 50 employees along with thousands of freelancers who do work around the country. It is revolutionizing the way that people look at cleaning.

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