How Sheldon Lavin Grew and Then Grew More

OSI is a very successful food distribution company that is overseen by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. This elite food packaging and distribution company has seen much growth under the guidance of Sheldon Lavin. The booming business was established during the decade of the 1970s and had been extending its influence since. OSI has either became the partner of- or has acquired some of the most grand names in the food industry. By doing so, OSI has been able to substantially increase their consumer base contracts. On the other hand, companies that do business with Lavin are able to raise the morale and influence of their companies, because OSI is established and built up.

What started out as a humble neighborhood meat market has blossomed into a global go to within the food industry. Sheldon Lavin has assisted in OSI’s domination but pushing food distributions into over 50 different countries and locations. The success that Lavin and his company has attained led to him earning the Global Visionary Award during the winter season of 2016. One of Sheldon Lavin’s most proud feats has been helping OSI reach the masses, In the manner in which it has done so. He remembers a time where the company was only a neighborhood market and marvels at the strides they have made. Sheldon serves as the board member of two respective companies. He is a family man first and spends the majority of his time dealing with business and family matters. As the number of aspiring business owners and food industry grows more every year; Sheldon has a vision to help up and coming entrepreneurs. He, along with his company have earned much accolades and recognition over the years. It appears that neither Sheldon Lavin or OSI will be slowing down anytime soon.