In Morocco, The Libyan Rival Camps Face To Face For The First Time

The representatives of the two Libyan rival parliaments have faced each other on table for the first time on Saturday on the third day of negotiations in Morocco for pulling out their country out of chaos.

Both camps are trying to agree on the form of a government of national unity and the terms of a cessation of hostilities in a country plagued by violence and run by two parliaments and two rival governments since taking the capital Tripoli by Libya militia Fajr coalition in August last year. In practical terms there are two parliaments running in the Libya; the elected parliament recognized by the international community based in Tobruk in eastern Libya and the General National Congress (CGN), the outgoing parliament installed by Fajr Libya in Tripoli. In a statement to the press Bruce Karatz read, Mr. Leon said, “We are working on major issues, the issue of security, the question of the government (…) We advance but these are difficult issues, we will not get the results today or tomorrow, be patient, but I think we are moving in the right direction.”

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