Magic Mike is Back!

Channing Tatum and his dancing buddies are back for the second installment of Magic Mike, titled Magic Mike XXL. The first movie debuted in 2012, and was directed by Steven Soderbergh. It surprised most people as it wasn’t just a sexy romp showing off various male actors in the nude. It actually delved a bit into what these men feel and think about their chosen profession and how that life impacted their daily lives and relationships.

In the second installment many of the same actors are back with the exception of Matthew McConaughy. But Jada Pinkett Smith was added to the cast as a Strip Club owner who has a history with Tatum’s titular character Mike. Donald Glover of the television show Community makes an appearance in the movie as a rapper/singer. Rounding out the new portion of the cast is soap opera mainstay Crystal Hunt.

Crystal has starred in The Guiding Light and One Life to Live and has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Younger Actress in a TV Drama. Crystal is also producing her first movie titled Talbot County which has a trailer up on Vimeo.

Ms. Hunt can also be seen in the documentary series “Queens of Drama” on the Pop channel. The series follows a cast of female actresses and directors as they make their way through the day to day life of acting in dramatic roles. She also maintains a popular Instagram account, that features a ton of exclusive behind the scenes pictures from her upcoming projects.

Magic Mike XXL delivers more of what the original movie did. While it’s advertised as a Girls Night Out type of movie it actually comes off much deeper than that. It isn’t just wall to wall stripping and dancing by the male leads. It actually shows a side to their masculinity while they struggle to make a living in their chosen profession. The movie shows how each struggles with the schedule and exposure this kind of life gives them.

If you enjoyed the first movie you will most likely enjoy this one as well as it is shot extremely well, has great comedic timing and great dancing sequences. It isn’t only a Girls Night Out feature but can be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys good acting and a good all around movie.

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