Michael Tarpins’ Participation In The Sertoes Rally

The 25th edition of the competitive Bull Sertoes rally that features the T1 prototype in the team’s double trophy contest is set to begin on 19th August. The rally will take place on the 26th of August. The Bull Sertoes rally is the Brazilian largest rally event. The course of the rally will span 3,300 km. Judging from the participants, the rally is set to be one of the most challenging and competitive since the rally’s inception. As from Sunday, the 20th, both Michael Terpins (race pilot) and Maykel Justo (course navigator) will feature in this race as a team. The support park for this rally edition will be set up the international Autodrome of Goiania.

The Bull Sertoes rally will feature multiple off-road trajectories along the race’s course. Justo and Terpins will form the second prototype team in the T1 category that is on board the T-Rex. The Prototype used by Terpins and Justo has been designed and developed by MEM motorsport. This is the second consecutive year MEM has developed the T-Rex for the Bull Sertoes rally.

The prototype used by the pair has been redesigned to make it more competitive for the 25th edition of the Bull Sertoes rally. Some of the modifications made to the T-Rex is to provide it more power is the addition of a V8 engine.

The rally has been the most awaited event in the rally industry this year meaning that aside from being challenging it is expected to have a great entertaining showdown for its audience.

Michael was able to complete 10th in his earlier participation in the race. Terpins made his debut in rally competition back in 2002. During his debut, Terpins featured in the rally in the motorcycle category. Over the years, Michael raced alongside his brother on multiple rallies. Four years ago, he made a transition to the T-Rex which he has been piloting to date. Terpins is passionate about off-road racing, the thrill of peaking top speeds has made him travel across the world and take part in some of the most significant rallies in the world.

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