New Dimension Added to Digital Shopping via IR Tool

Nowadays everyone has mobile devices, and we always carry them along with us. Marketers now have the opportunity to reach out to their potential clients via this device. Thereby advancement in a cell phone has resulted in various marketing strategies, especially in the retail industry. One latest technology is product recognition app that has various unique elements. As such it will decrease operation expense, reduces the cost of customer service and lessen the requirement for floor managers and other employees working in retail stores.

Image recognition app
Envision is strolling into the shoe division at a huge shopping complex. You discover a couple of shoes that you need and instead of sitting tight for a staff member to come to you, you utilize a versatile mobile application to examine the shoe utilizing image recognition (IR) tool and it pulls up the present stock of that shoe. Further to that, this specific app provides geo-location and is quite advanced to find the exact shoe store that are located in that country. In a matter of seconds, you’ve figured out whether that store has the size that you’re searching for. With the help of IR app, it likewise suggests similar shoes to the client that are additionally accessible in your size at that particular area. With e-Commerce, you could purchase the shoe and have it home delivered to you. The client that bought the item did not require client backing is fulfilled, and the retailer did not bring about pointless client bolster costs.

Advancement in customer support
Retailers should compete; they must follow and try to adapt this sort of latest model of client administration. The new client shopping experience will stretch out to in the store, pre, and post-item use. Devices like geolocation and image recognition permit retailers to comprehend the needs of customers, which style they prefer, at what area, and how often they search before purchasing the product.

In 2012, Slyce was started, and it is a Toronto-based startup company. Moreover, it’s based on visual search. This way the customers can select a product by using this image recognition app. People have already got used to barcode scanning and one way of online shopping. Retail shops are using Slyce’s technology to expand their business and increase the potential prospects.

Quite a lot of today’s information is digital in nature. Thereby customers will find this specific tool helpful and retailers can increase the revenue. Such apps are useful for a retail store as they will likewise be able to collect data on specific post product experience to understand the customer requirement and reduce returns.

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