Town Residential is a real estate brokerage firm. The firm specializes in residential real estate. It was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, CEO and co-chairman.

Town Residential is born out of its predecessor Citi Habitats which, Heiberger first founded. Citi Habitats initially focussed on rentals. Town Residential recently absorbed boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram which has its eyes on sales deals.

The New York City apartments for sale and real estate scene recently reported on Real Estate weekly. The man behind RE/MAX planetary powerhouse has his focus on New York. The firm has bought back the master franchise for the state. Dave Liniger is focused on powering up the local brokerages and its expansion. Novel marketing and branding campaigns are onset, and Dave believes that it’s going to do so well counting on the success they have received from other regions like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, little growth has been seen in Manhattan.

Little success has been attributed to generational and branding issues mostly in the suburbs and rural areas but then Liniger counts on getting the right management team, selling franchises and the right persons with inner drives coupled with leadership qualities.

Keller Williams NYC is the New York City master franchise of the Texas-based brokerage titan. Among other growing franchises are Rutenberg Reality, BOND New York and TOWN. Rutenberg appears to have grown by using a unique unconventional business framework and profit-sharing model. Their framework attracts self-sufficient, experienced brokers who believe in their hard work and determination.

BOLD has since grown and the firm is in charge of leasing one of the city’s pricey rental buildings.

Heiberger, founder of Town Residential, says that in order for them to properly service the market place, they will need to have a foothold across Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.
Weichert Realtors has since focussed to remain in Brooklyn.

Carrying out a lot of research before getting to the NYC real estate market is a crucial idea as it can be extremely different from getting into any suburban market. It’s prudent to keep track records and remaining persistent.

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