OneLogin talks Biometrics and the Modern Day Issue of Data Security

With data security breaches and cyber hacking being commonplace these days, having a password that has uppercase/lowercase letters and alphanumeric symbols just isn’t strong enough. Data hackers have infiltrated the world’s most largest corporations, leaving them, millions of customers, and data systems all vulnerable to financial and collateral damage. The more vital and valuable information stored on computers becomes, the more security is needed to ensure that the data is heavily protected. Large and small companies cannot simply rely on security passwords alone, not to mention the multitude of devices being utilized from various departments of one company.

To help counter this grave issue, companies have turned to data security firms that host the latest technological alternatives and advancements, known as biometrics. Biometrics is the security of data that is accessible through “what a person is”, rather than “what a person knows”. Biometrics is split into 2 categories, physiological and behavioral. Physiological biometrics refers to the physical aspects of security, such as finger prints, voice and facial recognition. Behavioral biometrics deals with keystroke patterns, hand tremors and left/right handed tendacies.

Biometrics has definitely raised the bar in terms of data security, making it much more arduous for a data breach to occur. However, with the implementation of biometrics, companies must know what biometric category (between physiological and behavioral) is the best fit for their company and/or department, because if not, the very same data that they’re attempting to protect can become too unaccessible; even for the staff and employees of that company.

One standout data security provider that understands the fundamentals of data security along with the intricacies of biometric implementation is OneLogin. OneLogin is an identity management providing company, that combines the core elements of data security, with speed and an above standard modern-day approach, to ensure that companies’ data is secured, yet integral to its infrastructure.

With data security being a never ending, on-going issue, companies must prepare as such; adapting and updating their data security to one of biometrics, and also alligning themselves with data security companies’ such as OneLogin, that can bring a natural balance of data security combined with tailored made biometrics that make sense to a companies workforce and its customers.

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