President Trump’s Blame Games

Video games have often been victims of blame when it comes to gun violence in America. Trump recently stated that he believes that video games have a major influence on the actions of America’s youth. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the 1990s, video games were also the scapegoat for major power holders like politicians and law enforcers. They crucify violent games. However, they never seem to come up with an actual solution to the violence epidemic that’s grown in past decades. One starts to think about the probability of video games being used to deter attention away from the actual problem.

There are zero studies that prove the correlation between violent games and violent behavior or emotional disorders. A 2014 study went on to prove that video games actually reduced violence among youths. This is probably due to the option of playing games and eating Doritos instead of joining a gang or finding trouble.

Trump was very vague in his accusations. He communicated that he’d heard people talking about the cause and effect value of games and behavior. He didn’t give any factual evidence or theories to back up his statements. He went further, saying that violence in games and movies should have a rating put on it. There’s already a rating system in place, however. It’s anyone’s guess whether Trump just forgot about that or if he really doesn’t know. He’d invited several groups to speak at a meeting regarding violence in video games. These were all one-sided anti-game violence groups, with no opposition to argue a counterpoint.

This argument, (If it can even be called such) is null and void. The Trump administration, as usual, went on to argue their point with no opposing forces. This is old news, as gaming has become the most popular hobby worldwide. Americans are ready for a different point of focus in the conversation. They’re ready to solve the real problems facing them. The lack of gun control is the real issue here. Politicians are just doing what they can to distract from it. America needs greater gun access restrictions involving mental health checks, background checks, and regulated training classes. Add to that, there must be a ban on gun shows across the nation unless there is a way to enforce them. However, this point may fall on deaf ears. Politicians on the right side of the spectrum are too busy taking money from the NRA to do anything to impede profits on either side of the deal.

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