QNet’s Global Production Shift

QNet ltd is widely known as a direct selling company that deals with various products such as energy, nutrition, personal and home care, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. The products that QNet produce range from 30 brands that are classified into 9 separate categories with an overall focus on promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Offices and franchises are spread across multiple Asian countries as well as India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Indonesia to name a few. QNet was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran of Hong Kong.

In 2013, QNet announced that it wanted to make India the main area of production for the company by shifting the entire production source of items consisting of consumer goods to electronics. QNet has included India in its’ business for more than a decade but the biggest challenge has been the investment climate and regulations that exist which make direct-selling difficult for many companies. This plan came after a calculated cost benefit estimate of between eight and twelve percent. Furthermore, during this time Qnet reported that nearly 80 percent of the representatives at their five-day convention hosted in 2013 were Indian. Due to this high volume, the company wanted to include an additional sales platform to employees in India that would allow them to develop unique products and goods.

During 2014, QNet made a huge announcement that the Manchester City Football Club would pair with the company as a direct selling partner baed in Manchester, England. This sponsorship will enable QNet to expand on their branding benefits and partnerships. This is not the first community affair that the company has been involved with. QNet seeks out various opportunities to establish important community programs. Most recently, the company has been an avid supporter for Rashid Centre’s programs for special needs. They operate under the philosophy of RYTHM, which stands for “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”.

QNet’s overall production shift will face many challenges in India due to a lack of legislation and fraudulent companies that exist within the country. If clear policies and legislation are in place, the industry can be regulated and create an overall effective and beneficial environment for companies to grow. The direct-selling model that QNet is based off of enables the company to reduce points of failure and gives commission to the consumer that would normally be reserved for traditional marketing overheads.

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