Richard Mishaan Design is Taking Over the Interior Design Industry

Those who know Richard Mishaan Design also know the brains behind the firm. Richard Mishaan Design was founded by Richard Mishaan, an architect, fashion enthusiast and creative interior designer. He has been described by some as an expansive person, and this can be detected from his design style.

A leader in interior design, Richard Mishaan likes to use his skills and passions to create beautiful spaces. Mishaan is also a graduate from both the New York University and the Columbia University of Architecture. After graduating, Mishaan worked as an apprentice for Philip Johnson.

With commercial and residential clients appreciating their designs, Richard Mishaan Design is always on top of their game. They also provide their design services to clients in the hospitality industry. Some of their major projects are with hotels and homes. Apart from their innovative and creative interior design projects, Richard Mishaan Design also offers marketing services. To help with the branding aspect of the business, Richard Mishaan has collaborated with five licensing bodies.

Luxury and quality exude from all the designs created by Richard Mishaan Design. What most people do not realize is that there is a supportive system which backs Richard Mishaan. A firm is successful if its leadership is driven, and their employees happy. The team at Richard Mishaan Design works together on every project, and everyone contributes to the overall result in their own unique way.

Apart from interior design, architecture and fashion, Richard Mishaan is also a good writer. He has two books to his name, both of which were published by the Monacelli Press. His latest book, Artfully Modern, was published back in 2014. His other book is called Modern Luxury. Both books were written with the aim of providing the reader with insights in interior design.

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