Richard Smith Propels Securus Technologies to Higher Fortunes

Richard Smith was appointed the chief executive of Securus Technologies in 2008. This was after the company had merged with other firms in the industry making it emerge as one of the strongest provider of security and telephone services to Prisons and Homes in the USA. The immediate task at hand was to reform the company customer service coming at a time when rivals were being affected by multifaceted customer issues ranging from fraud to very high charges. The Executive career hand on experience has seen him manage the company to become the largest in the sector and have raised the company’s fortunes in millions of dollars.

His career background is fascinating with a wealthy contribution in executive positions. Before joining Securus Technologies, he served as president and chief operation officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc. The appointment was not in vain considering he had been in the company for years in the capacity of the chief financial officer. Richard Smith started his career at Global Crossing North America Inc. as far as 1972 serving in different capacities. His contribution in Securus technologies is remarkable and can be inferred from his past performance. At Securus, he has raised the company portfolio to a whopping $350 million.

The chief executive officer is alma mater of University state of New York which is located at Buffalo where he graduated with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He earned his bachelor’s degree in the same field from the same institution. He later advanced his education at Rochester Institute where he earned a Technology associate degree and then completed a master’s degree from the same university in Business administration.

Richard Smith has a great interest in bettering the lives of inmates. He believes the best way to do this is to endeavor to get the most responsibilities as possible from the prison administration. On the side of the company, he has laid down a solid customer service to answer to customer queries with the urgency they require. Since his inception, the company customer complaints have reduced drastically and therefore customer satisfaction, and loyalty has been enhanced. Due to this strong leadership, the company lately acquired Jpay Inc.

About Securus Technologies

The Dallas headquartered firm is the leading provider of technology solutions to prisons in the USA. The firm was established in 1986 and currently serves approximately 3,400 prisons. The company has a robust customer service and support that is unsourced making it the leading telephone provider in customer relations. It boasts of a large team of field officers, usually thirty and above around facilities they secure, which have enabled the company to have the best output in preventing crimes. The company technological patents are outstanding at 140 plus many other on the way pending approval.

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