Sightsavers: Improving the Lives of Disabled Individuals in Pakistan

Sightsavers’ Pakistan collaborated on a consultation programme to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in development plans and much more. The coming together of renowned committees also included the UK’s Department for International Development, and Special Talent Exchange Programme.


This initiative can be seen as a precursor to the first ever Global Disability Summit to take place in London in July, in which Pakistan has been encouraged to participate with continued commitment to improving the lives of disabled people.


Sightsavers’ two workshops oversaw discussions focused on breaking stigmas and overcoming discrimination towards people with disabilities. The discussion also shed light on education, economic empowerment, technology and innovation with regards to addressing concerns for the lack of inclusion of disabled people in these areas. The workshop attended by government officials, civil society representatives, donors and NGOs ended on a positive note which reflected the chartered demands for comprehensively including disabled people in the many mandatory aspects of life.

In 2015, all United Nations members signed up to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which represented their commitment to creating a world of prosperity, good health and environmental sustainability. It seeks to support positive social and environmental impact, and aims at attaining financial returns without compromising on environmental protection.


Sightsavers’ Pakistan Country Director Munazza Gillani, who was the lead in addressing the event relayed that the Sustainable Development Goals is only possible to achieve when conducted from within the framework of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This act was was ratified by Pakistan in 2011.


The deputy head of DFID in Pakistan, Kemi Williams, also addressed the event by adding that disabled people have important contributions to make towards the development of Pakistan. He also expressed gratitude on behalf of the UK government to Pakistan for its collective role in promoting opportunities for people with disabilities and recognising their needs.


The Global Disability Summit taking place in London this late July will be co-hosted by DFID, the government of Kenya and the International Disability Alliance. The Summit plans on persuading governments to show commitment to the inclusion of disabled people in international development plans.