NexBank Supporting Women

NexBank is a national bank situated in Dallas, Texas and has dedicated itself to supporting women in Dallas through the Dallas Women’s Foundation. This sponsorship was declared publicly during the 32nd Yearly Luncheon that the Women’s Foundation had hosted. The deal sealed was seen to be approximately worth about $100,000 whereby NexBank was supporting the women’s leadership and economic security.

This foundation typically hosts this luncheon every year with leaders across all divides attending the event. In addition to that, the foundation is a steady leader in fighting for economic and social innovation for women and even the young girls.

NexBank has assets worth $7.6 billion as confirmed by 30th September 2017. Some of the services that NexBank offers to its clients include:

  1. Commercial Banking

Under the commercial banking services, more services are provided to the clients. Some of them include the following:

  • Commercial Lending. The team of experts and professionals, are all dedicated to the customers all through the process of lending so that they can be able to have the finances they require to fund their projects.
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending. The NexBank seeks to find partners in the Real Estate business who are offered a broad scope of financing aspects for their business.
  • Finance Institution. With the experts and professionals at NexBank, clients can enjoy services that will enable them to stabilize their position financially and also improve their competitive superiority.
  • Credit Services. There is the provision of access by the third party to senior secured loans and the floating rate.
  • Agency Services. Institutions come to NexBank for services on distressed syndicated debt.
  • Treasury Management. This is a service that offers the client with tailored products which are supposed to increase profits and boost essential treasury functions and capabilities.


  1. Mortgage Banking

At the Mortgage Banking NexBank offers the following services.

  • Warehouse Lending. The bank provides new lines to their clients so that they can be able to close their loans properly.
  • Wholesale and Corresponding Lending.The expertise and teams of professionals offer clients with the best advice on funding and loan acquisition.


  1. Institutional Services

NexBank provides the following:

  • Treasury Management.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Public Funds.
  • Real Estate Advisory.
  • Investment Banking.

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