Susan McGalla: Transforming the Executive Culture

Susan McGalla is transforming the way that corporations are being run. According to statistics, out of all the executives world wide, only a quarter of them are female. The executive department of companies are dominated by men, and this is what Susan McGalla wanted to change.

Before entering the corporate world, Susan McGalla had a dream of seeing a society which respects gender equality. She noticed that leadership positions are prevalent to men, and she wanted to show the world that women are also capable of holding such positions. She entered the American Eagle Outfitters to start her career in the corporate world, and as what she expected, the management is dominated by men. She worked hard climbing the corporate ladder, and she successfully entered the executive circle after some time. She was among the first females in the company to reach the executive circle, and she never stopped from there. Her highest position with the American Eagle Outfitters is the company’s president, and she opened an opportunity with her female colleagues to strive hard in order to reach the top.

According to research, a company which has an equal ratio of men to women are 15% more likely to succeed, while a company that is ethnically diverse is 35% more likely to succeed. With what Susan McGalla did, she showcased how woman can compete with men, and how they can be vital in the company’s growth.

Susan McGalla currently holds a position as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she also founded her own consulting firm. She never stops in advocating for the empowerment of women, and she even suggested some ways on how the executive circle of all corporations can be diversified. She suggested that incentives be given to companies who will be employing women as corporate leaders; she also suggested that companies should have a training course for women to give them empowerment, and to give them confidence about being a leader. Susan McGalla’s contribution to society is undeniably one of the most inspiring, as her objective is targeted towards the improvement of the lives of women.

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