The Story of a Talented Man From Villanova

Once a star on the Villanova lacrosse team, Jon Urbana is an individual who has many different talents all around the board. He has devoted a great part of his life to lacrosse, but he also has a great deal of talent in many other areas of his life.

Jon Urbana has spent some time raising money for great causes, and filming videos related to those causes. He has a great eye for outdoor videography, which helps him create beautiful videos at Vimeo. Jon is particularly talented when it comes to time-lapse videography, in addition to sketch videos shared to his website, like these shown here:

Urbana has been very well known for his work in lacrosse. This is probably where has had his greatest deal of success. This is due to his amazing talent as not only a player but a teacher as well, sharing lots of tips on Facebook with his students. Jon’s lacrosse camp has been able to teach many lacrosse players in their search for greatness.

Jon Urbana is also very much into charity work. He finds that this is really a way that he can give back. ARAS is a great cause that Jon Urbana has been helping for quite some time. The fundraising that he is doing will help this organization to get the funding and recognition that they deserve. For more about his activities related to the cause, watch this video:

Jon Urbana is also a great musician. With his interest in electronic music, Jon has been able to create great tracks that captivate and entice many individuals. It is great to see Jon taking advantage of the amazing technology that is out there like Ableton. Jon’s music is an upbeat blend of melodic synths and driving rhythmic drums. This a mixture that is sure to be successful for just about any electronic musician.

Last but not least, his pictures are often stunning. Urbana’s been fortunate enough to travel to some really exciting parts of the world (much of his travels chronicled on Twitter), and he’s been gracious enough to share plenty of pictures along the way.

See the full album at his blog,


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