The USHEALTH Group Services

The USHEALTH Group is an institution that is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The organization, through its two subsidiaries, National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America focuses on becoming the most trusted choice for healthcare in America. The group works with its family of companies to offer Specified Diseases, innovative life, accident and disability insurance solutions to families, individuals who are self-employed and small business owners and all their employees. The USHEALTH Group, through its insurance agencies, has worked hard to serve over 15 million customers with plans that are individually tailored. The organization has been operational for more than 50 years.


When it comes to the issues concerning specified diseases and accident coverage, the institution and its family of companies understand that all the clients have complex and different needs. The institution has a team of experts who believe in the choice of the customers. These experts have been in the industry for a long time, and they know what suits their clients. They also give the consumers the option of choosing the best protection that suits all their needs.


To meet the customer needs, USHEALTH Group has developed a comprehensive portfolio of coverages to ensure that the client’s choice is promoted. The product designs from this company make it uniquely qualified to address the diverse needs of the customer for affordability, flexibility, and reliability.


For the group of clients who are on a tight budget or even concerning about satisfying a very high yearly deductible before they can get their insurance plan benefits, USHEALTH Group provides a portfolio of innovative solutions. These solutions offer first dollar benefits to the covered products and also ensure great network discounts through a wide range of providers. Most of the plans from this institutions are very affordable compared to the comprehensive plans, and they ensure that they offer the customer first dollar protection and assurance which is provided by the limited protection plan.


If you are among the clients looking for the security of a complicated and more tailored coverage approach and you can still afford the specified level of cost sharing, then USHEALTH Group and its family of companies will offer you an exceptional selection of accident plans and specified disease solutions. These solutions will be more affordable, flexible and even reliable compared to what most of the modern companies are offering. Every client from the group of companies say that they get the best.

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