President Trump’s Blame Games

Video games have often been victims of blame when it comes to gun violence in America. Trump recently stated that he believes that video games have a major influence on the actions of America’s youth. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the 1990s, video games were also the scapegoat for major power holders like politicians and law enforcers. They crucify violent games. However, they never seem to come up with an actual solution to the violence epidemic that’s grown in past decades. One starts to think about the probability of video games being used to deter attention away from the actual problem.

There are zero studies that prove the correlation between violent games and violent behavior or emotional disorders. A 2014 study went on to prove that video games actually reduced violence among youths. This is probably due to the option of playing games and eating Doritos instead of joining a gang or finding trouble.

Trump was very vague in his accusations. He communicated that he’d heard people talking about the cause and effect value of games and behavior. He didn’t give any factual evidence or theories to back up his statements. He went further, saying that violence in games and movies should have a rating put on it. There’s already a rating system in place, however. It’s anyone’s guess whether Trump just forgot about that or if he really doesn’t know. He’d invited several groups to speak at a meeting regarding violence in video games. These were all one-sided anti-game violence groups, with no opposition to argue a counterpoint.

This argument, (If it can even be called such) is null and void. The Trump administration, as usual, went on to argue their point with no opposing forces. This is old news, as gaming has become the most popular hobby worldwide. Americans are ready for a different point of focus in the conversation. They’re ready to solve the real problems facing them. The lack of gun control is the real issue here. Politicians are just doing what they can to distract from it. America needs greater gun access restrictions involving mental health checks, background checks, and regulated training classes. Add to that, there must be a ban on gun shows across the nation unless there is a way to enforce them. However, this point may fall on deaf ears. Politicians on the right side of the spectrum are too busy taking money from the NRA to do anything to impede profits on either side of the deal.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Third Official Trailer has Released

Red Dead Redemption is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and on October 28th it is getting a sequel.

The original Red Dead Redemption was Rockstar Game’s take on the old west. Rockstar took the Grand Theft Auto game play model and shipped it back to an old west setting. The result was one of the greatest games in recent memory. The game featured an incredible story, intense game play, and RPG elements that put actual RPGs to shame. The hunting and skinning concept first seen in Red Dead Redemption has been copied for years, cropping up in games like Far Cry and others. Red Dead Redemption 2 certainly has big shoes to feel.

In typical Rockstar fashion, despite the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 still being months away, Rockstar has released its third trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Fans are still waiting to get a glimpse of some actual game play footage, but there is no lack of cinematic trailers.

From the information released via these cinematic trailers, it is a safe bet to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t take place in the mid-west, at least not all of it. In one of the previous trailers, an alligator can be seen ripping a man to pieces, and in this newest preview a building called the Saints Hotel can be seen. These two pieces of information hint at a Louisiana setting. An official announcement has yet to be made about the setting of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the original game, telling the story of the end of the old west as it is remember, displaying a shift to a more modern culture. The game will be in stores on October 28th.

The third official trailer from Rockstar can be viewed, along with the other trailers, on their official website.

Is Nintendo Expanding its Reach Deeper into the Mobile Phone Industry?

Nintendo has a new president, and this president wants to expand Nintendo’s mobile game presence.

In a recent interview with Nikkei, Shuntaro Furukawa, the new President of Nintendo, said he wants to grow Nintendo’s mobile section into a near one billion dollar industry. Shuntaro Furukawa and Nintendo want to mimic the success of Pokemon Go.

Furukawa believes that the best thing for Nintendo is to throw ideas out there and hope something becomes a financial success; the mobile gaming industry is a huge market that is mostly untapped by the big three in game: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Furukawa is not official the President of Nintendo yet. When current president, Tatsumi Kimishima retires in June, Furukawa will take over the position.

Furukawa, in addition to his goal of expanding Nintendo’s stake in the mobile platform, wants to expand Nintendo’s console’s reach to new territory. “For over 30 years,” Furukawa said. “We have been selling in […] the same regions.” Furukawa is speaking about the Japanese, American and European markets; Furukawa wants to expand the operations of Nintendo to places like South East Asia and the Middle East.

When Kimishima steps down as president he will take on a new role as an adviser. Kimishima will set up a panel of five individuals total to offer his opinion on final decisions. “Other people are gifted at evaluating products,” Kimishima said. Kimishima says that ultimately he has the final say in all decisions as an adviser.

Despite the young age of 46, which is incredibly young for a top businessman in Japan, Furukawa is all set to take over as President of Nintendo.

Nintendo’s most famous character, Mario, has already made his debut on mobile devices with the launch of Super Mario Run.

Announcements on which current and new IPs coming to mobile have not yet been made. Gamers and fans of Nintendo should expect more announcements once Furukawa is official made president in June.

‘Yakuza 6’ Is Filled with Amazing Action

There has been a serious lack of exciting action titles to come out recently. However, Sega has put an end to that. They have recently released the latest installment of one of their most popular series. “Yakuza 6: The Song of Life” combines all of the elements that has made the series stand the test of time. Millions of people have followed the saga of a Japanese organized crime family as it struggles to avoid being destroyed by police and betrayal from within. The graphics are the most stunning of the series so far. That is truly saying something because some of the previous installments have been very beautiful to look at.

One of the best things about “Yakuza 6” is the fact that the story is not a continuation of the stories from any of the previous games. Therefore, a person who is not familiar with the rest of the series can play this game and enjoy it without having to be an expert on the rest of the series. There are plenty of shocking plot twists. The writers of this games have made the story just as satisfying and unpredictable as any of the earlier installments. Players will not be able to see what is coming next. This has always been one of the things that has made the “Yakuza” series so satisfying and addictive.

There is no question that Sega has another winner on their hands with this game. “Yakuza 6” will deliver all of the fun and excitement that fans of the series are looking for. This game is a return to form for Sega. The company has not released many outstanding titles over the past several years. Their games have all lacked the flair of the classic games that helped Sega to build its reputation over the years. “Yakuza 6” has officially set Sega down the right path once again. They need to keep making games at this level of quality.

Agora Financial can help you with

In today’s day and age, many people see investing as a super risky activity. This makes them not want to invest and build wealth for their future. This mindset is cancer for those looking to retire comfortably. Your biggest asset is time and time is what allows your money to compound. The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be. If you don’t want to actively invest your money for whatever reason, the people at Agora financial can help you with that. There are a few basic tips that everyone must know when it comes to investing. We are going to be breaking down these types in today’s article.

  1. Know your investment

The best investments that one can make is in themselves. Unless you have a great deal of money to take on big positions, you should be reinvesting that money back into yourself and into your education. This will allow you to make even greater amounts of money in the future. When it comes to a financial vehicle, why would you ever invest in something that you don’t understand? That’s pure stupidity and it’s one of the top reasons why people go broke. A great example of this would be bitconnect. All in all, invest in yourself until you have a great deal of money you can invest in an asset.

  1. Long-term investments

Once you have enough money saved up, then you can start putting it into long-term assets like real estate, mutual funds, and stocks. Real estate is one of my favorites because it generally retains value and it can provide frequent cash flow to the investor. Other financial vehicles that I’d recommend would be 401ks and Roth IRAs. I would max both of these out every year. The Roth IRA will grow tax-free until you take it out for retirement, allowing your money to compound over time. As with a 401k, your employer will typically match your contributions up to a certain level.

All in all, the best thing you can never lose money on is in yourself. Invest in self-education, read books, attend seminars, and so on. Know your investment and mitigate your risk.


‘Penny-Punching Princess’ Is Fun for Young Gamers

Games have changed a lot during the past 35 years. The graphics have become a lot more realistic. However, there are many people who still enjoy playing the old school games. It is because of this that some of the biggest video game developers have started to create games that resemble those of years gone by. “Penny-Punching Princess” developed by NIS America would definitely fall into that category. The graphics will make older gamers remember some of the arcade classics of the 1980s. The game is also a lot of fun. It is a fighting game designed for people who like their games very simple without a lot of complicated plots getting in the way. On that level, this game is a big success.

One of the best qualities of this game is that it never pretends to be something it’s not. It tells you right away that you will be doing a lot of fighting. It delivers on that promise in a very big way. However, there are a few fairly big flaws. For example, many of the villains that you are forced to fight will start to repeat on a fairly regular basis. The selection of villains should be greater than it is. It becomes a bit boring to fight the same characters over and over again.

On the plus side, there are no annoying puzzles to solve. One of the biggest problems of many modern fighting games is the integration of puzzles that slows down the overall pace of the game. You will only be fighting in this game. There is no solving of puzzles required. Another positive aspect of the game is the fact that the two lead characters are very different. Their styles of fighting are very unique. Therefore, choosing each character will enable to play the game in two ways that are not similar at all. This helps to increase the replay value of the game. Younger people will enjoy it.

What Do We Know About The New Spider-Man PS4 Game?

Spider-Man has a slightly new look in the forthcoming Spider-Man PS4 game. The look doesn’t deviate too much from the original classic wall-crawler costume. Hopefully, the new PS4 game won’t change too much of what fans expect from Spider-Man. Speculation about the upcoming game may soon become far less speculative. As clear details emerge, fans gain a better picture of what to expect. Insomniac Games sits in the development driver’s seat for the new game. Considering how awesome other games made by Insomniac Games turned out, this new web-slinger PS4 game should live up to all the hype.

What do we know about the game so far? Probably the most interesting feature about the game would be the age of Spider-Man. He’s not going to be a teenager in this one. Instead, players step into the shoes of an experienced 23-year-old version of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. That might be a nod to the comic books since the 20-something version of Spider-Man has always been more prominent in the books than the high school one.

Villain-wise, the game chose to utilize some lesser-known bad guys to factor into the narrative. That can be a good thing since they freshen up the proceedings a bit. Fans do, however, want to see familiar villains as well. No disappointments here. Classic bad guys do factor into the game.

Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk still controls the organized crime syndicate in Marvel Comics’ New York City. In addition to causing troubles for Daredevil, Fisk makes life tough for Spider-Man as well. Black Cat, Task Master, and Shocker all make appearances as well. The Shocker was a forgotten villain of the past, but Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced him to mainstream audiences. The game developers chose to bring the B-level baddie onboard for a supporting role in this game.

Speaking of supporting roles, Miles Morales appears as a character. No one knows if Morales dons a costume to play hero in the game. Insomniac Games remains mum about what Morales actually does in the game. Hopefully, players can become Morales and step into his hero costume. Otherwise, what would be the point of placing the popular character in the game? Not maximizing the character to his fullest potential would disappoint immensely.

Spider-Man’s popularity has soared once again thanks to the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and his appearances in Marvel Studios productions. All that popularity should translate into a hit game for the PS4.

“The Trendsetter That Revolutionized the Transportation Industry”

Eager to set a trend, I wanted to share with you, a hard-working entrepreneur by the name of Perry Mandera. He founded his first transportation business at a merely 23 years old and as of 2018, I would still consider Perry Mandera as the man who set the caliber in the industry of trucking and logistics.

Perry Mander’s vision set the standard for all of the trucking and logistic companies in the United States today. It makes you wonder, how a young man, with such determination accomplished 30 years ago, what most trucking and logistic companies still struggle with in this demanding industry today.

Revolutionizing success, this “The Customer Companies” founder has streamed his name across the globe and into the minds of supporters and followers. With his influence and determination; distribution and warehouses blossomed and transporting goods became even more popular.

When you think Oprah, you think “television.” You think “phenomenal tv show host”. Perry Mandera’s contributions are vast, and may even set him within the same likes as Oprah, the star mogul!

He has managed his very own businesses and his consistent donations in aiding the less fortunate have been widely recognized. I can definitely see the comparisons between these two entrepreneurs, and I am sure that anyone else would be able to distinguish that as well.

Chicago, Illinois has a vested interest in supporting their very own Perry Mandera. His involvements are widely acknowledged (Slideshare). He supports or has founded businesses and charities such as the Illinois State Crime Commission, Mercy Home For Boys & Girls, Catholic Charities USA, Lynn Sage Foundation, and The University of Chicago Medical Center and Custom Cares Charities; and this is just to name a few.

Perry Mandera has also been recognized as a leading supporter in the fight against cancer, as he has generously donated to The Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope to see many more of Perry Mandera and his accomplishments!


‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ Delivers the Goods

You need look no further if you have been trying to find a solid fighting game with some impressive visuals. There are obviously a lot of fighting games on the market. Some of these are much better than others. The quality of fighting games can be a bit all over the place. Therefore, it is always worth rejoicing when a truly great fighting game comes along. Ninja Theory is the company that developed ‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ for the Xbox One, personal computer and PS4. This is a game that is going to have plenty of people talking for a very long time to come.

This game has everything that fighting game fanatics look for and so much more. Let’s start with the graphics. They are some of the best that have ever been seen in a game in this genre. The color pallet that is used is truly remarkable. You can see the enormous amount of time and skill that went into the design of this brilliant game. The sound is also something that should not be overlooked. The wide variety of sounds used in this game is very unusual. You will feel that you are actually walking through a forest as you hear your feet stepping on crackling dead leaves. These are some of the small details that make gamers smile.

The story of the game is also interesting and quite compelling. It deals with mental illness. However, the way that this issue is handled in the game might surprise people. It is done with respect and dignity. Players will quickly get immersed in the story. You will not be able to wait to find out how it ends. The payoff is very satisfying when you finally defeat this game. It is not a perfect game. The structure of some of the puzzles begins to repeat itself a bit. This is a very minor complaint. The rest of the game is thrilling and a joy to play.

Need Your Start-up to Succeed? Glen Wakeman Has The Solution.

Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur but also a writer who writes very resourceful blog posts on business matters such as emerging markets, administration and management, international fiscal matters, business strategies and other such related topics. Most practitioners and entrepreneurs have found these materials to be very helpful in their business ventures especially in the area of executive development, growth, and innovation. Mr. Wakeman also does mentorship to C-level executives (

Mr. Wakeman is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings which was established in 2015. This is a firm that targets young and start-ups entrepreneurs and helps them develop a workable business plan for their business ideas. It helps increase the success rate of many startups.

To establish this platform, Glen Wakeman was motivated by the high failure rate of most startups. Looking into the matter deeply, Wakeman realized that though these entrepreneurs had brilliant business ideas, they lacked a properly organized plan. He then decided to help them lay down their business plan for a fee.

Mr. Wakeman is a curious man which is normally the driving force that pushes him to research deeper the causes of business failures. However, he always experiences a sense of satisfaction whenever he is able to help his clients solve a certain issue.

Being a businessman and investor, Wakeman has worked in different countries which include Asia, Africa, United States and Europe. This has given him a deep experience and a better understanding of the associated business challenges around the globe. These ideas he always shares with his many followers, especially on LinkedIn, who are always looking forward to gaining something from his write-ups. Additionally, his online platform has also been a mentorship avenue for other business mentors and writers.

Glen holds an Economics and Finance degree from the University of Scranton and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago. After graduating, he decided to bring into practice his many business ideas using the knowledge he had acquired about business representation. He also used devised different communication approaches and strategies to make them successful.

Previously, Glen has served in executive positions in companies such as GE Capital, Nova Four. Recently, he has also launched a new online brokerage business called Snarkify.